Monday, September 6, 2021

Projects, Projects, Projects...


I think I might be filling up my space with projects to keep from feeling the loss of my old life.  Sometimes I don’t feel like a whole. What was WE is now just me. 

I guess that’s where all the projects come in.

This is a cabinet I'm working on for the entry by the garage. It started out as unpainted wood. Kind of blah. 

I used half a jar of expensive chalk paint on it before I realized it was just soaking it up like a sponge. 

I switched to a quart of regular paint from Home Depot in a creamy white, Behr's Swiss Coffee. I added Calcium Carbonate to it, making a cheep version of homemade chalk paint. 

I have an obsession for putting wheels on large pieces of furniture, but this is so heavy I'm going to buy a piece of MDF just a little larger than the base and put wheels on that. I'll paint it same as the cabinet and slide the cabinet onto it.  

Here's my table right in the middle of the chaos.  It's very heavy too because the top is a thick piece of wood. The guys who recently delivered my guest room mattress and box spring turned the table upside down for me. 

I painted the table's trestle legs white and then started adding wheels. I got three of them on with my small battery operated screwdriver, but the going was tough! 

My two middle fingers are still hurting from being fractured during the carpet installation, which made using the screwdriver difficult. 

I gave in and bought a larger, plug-in electrical drill to attach the rest of the wheels as soon as I get back to it.

In the garage is this large green cabinet I bought for the sunroom. I'm seriously putting a ban on buying anymore large items! 

The garage is full of them, and I've even had to develop a system to take them out of my pickup truck myself.

See the bins on rollers the cabinet is laying on? I wheeled them up to the back of the truck and slide the cabinet onto them and wheeled it out of the way.

The garage is also holding a corner cabinet, a vanity that's going to become a potting bench, and this desk with carved drawers...

As you can see, there's plenty to do. Almost too much actually. I've made a list and vow to complete an item before I start the next. And no more new projects until the ones I have are done.

Thanks for dropping by!