Friday, April 29, 2016

Five On Friday

Hey, happy Friday! I'm joining Five On Friday at Love Made My Home.  

The Interior Home Store had a clearance sale last weekend. I bought two bunches of faux ivy (1) and stuck them in with the bunny until I find a better home. I have a brown thumb, so this faux stuff looks healthier than anything I could grow.
The silver bunny (2) was only $5...marked down from $29...and there was two of them. I only bought one and have kicked myself all week.  
Behind the bunny is a little cabinet (3) I've been torturing on and off for a while. Today I decided it needed a bit of knocking and pinching with a hammer and some pliers. 
 It had a little doo-dad front that made it looked old and dated, but not in a good way! Here it is with that piece removed. It was like an exercise program pulling the wire staple thingys out that held the little wood piece in.
 It needs more work and paint. Maybe I'll add some extra shelves and use it for a spice rack. I'm waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be. So far, it isn't very talkative, but a few more whacks with the hammer might loosen its tongue...
Since we're talking about painting anyway, let's talk paint fails. In an effort to not paint everything white, I painted this old bookcase (4) a linen color. It really just fades right into the wall color doesn't it? 
 And (5) I rounded up all my paint and painting supplies (brushes, waxes, stencils) and used a mish-mash of baskets to temporarily sort it all out. 
Once I get the stuff all separated, I'll trade them out for matching baskets to clean up the look.

Well, that's Five On Friday. We've been having tornado warnings for several days. Hoping it passes soon. Stay safe.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Accidental Garden

Between rainstorms today, we started replanting two pots in the front of the house. I pulled out the dead stalks and leaves, and I was happy to see a few of the geraniums from last year were coming back in both pots. You can see their flower clusters at the bottom of these two pictures...

The other day, I was at Home Depot and Lowes looking for two rosemary bushes to put in the pots for height. I guess it's too early for rosemary as neither store had any. I settled for two gardenia bushes, which have no flowers yet but lots of buds.
My two requirements for picking plants this year were that they could take full sun and need the soil kept slightly moist. 

You'd think our pots would tend to be a little dry here in Texas, but the sun gets so hot that I like to water those suckers really well every day. Sometimes twice. So I've found the plants that like their soil dry just don't survive me.
There's a lot of "should haves" involved in this story. Like, I should have waited for the rosemary to be available. I should have washed and painted the pots before I replanted them. And...I should have bought new metal rollers for under the pots!
The roller on the one above was OK, but the one below had one wheel broken off, which I discovered as soon as I moved it. I took the broken roller away and just put the pot on the walkway until I get back to the store to buy two new ones.
There wasn't enough room for the gardenia plants in the pots since more of last years plants survived than I expected. The gardenias will need a plan B, but for now they're inside the entry because it's supposed to hail hard tomorrow.

 There's still a little empty space on the left bottom of both pots that needs a little trailing "something" or other. The stub on the right side is a flowering cabbage that I cut off. It grew back last year, so I'm going to leave it and see what happens.
 Thankfully, the little family fig tree has already come back to life this year. You can see it hiding around the right corner here.
Seems this will have to be the year it gets a bigger pot or planted into the ground. Last May, I wrote about how fig tree clippings have been passed down through the generations from one fig tree that Wild Bill's grandfather had. When his cousin gave us this fig, it was just a tiny clipping rooted in water.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don't Miss Criminal

Seems like there's been a lot of movies aimed at the male mind lately, and a lack of movies aimed at the female audience. 

For this reason, I was "so-so" in my desire to see yet another macho movie when we set out to go yesterday.

Don't hesitate like I did ladies! This movie turned out to be a round-about romance hidden in an action style movie. There have been a lot of trailers for this movie shown on TV lately, but CRIMINAL still has a lot of surprises in it. We both loved this movie, and I think you will too.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

LaurieAnna's April Trade Days

The weekend is April's First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX. They're open tomorrow in case you're local. 
We took a ride down. They're only open 4 days a month, on the weekend (Thursday through Sunday) before the first Monday of the month. Some of the Fall-like ribbon was 50% off. I bought the pheasant ribbon above figuring it will be 4th of July and then Fall before you know it.
I bought these little square plates to hold tea cups on the end table. Sorry for the poor picture, it was already dark when I started taking pictures tonight.
I couldn't pass up these thin wooden tags. At $9 for the package of 24, it was too good a deal to ignore.

 The little metal and wood sheep and pig heads I bought for the kitchen cabinets to hang dish towels to dry. 
I love to walk through LaurieAnna's and see how they stage their merchandise. If you can't visit them this weekend, you can always visit them on Facebook.

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