Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm Working On Wednesday

Here's some vintage stuff I bought
recently and other treasures I'm work-
ing on from my "Fixin' To Do" list:
I bought this old bedspread at an estate
sale a couple weekends ago. A lot of
material for $12!
I bought it to make slipcovers,
so I was surprised after I washed
and dried it several times to find
it's in perfect condition.
I'm still going to cut it up, but a
stain would've made it easier!

The gray turkey is finally going
white. One more coat, then
dark wax on, dark wax off...

While I had the Swiss Coffee
paint out, my old bench got
a few coats too.
I'm giving myself 3 more days
to finish it or get rid of it.
No more storing unfinished
projects in hidey-holes...
I promised myself this when I
started purging all my boxes
and closets!
The yellow-y looking paint is
Annie Sloan's in Old White. I much
prefer the Swiss Coffee by Behr.
I bought this vintage strainer at
the same estate sale as the old

You should see Wild Bill's face
when I verbally admire the dings
and dents on this!

I love the gray-blue color. I'm going
to hang it on the kitchen cabinets.

While purging closets recently, I
found a "first Christmas" picture of
Lily (our 4-year-old grandchild).

My favorite picture of her cousin
Ben is this old "Fall at the Farm"
picture of him with his two
adoring parents.

Ben's now a "grown up" of
three and a half, and a big
brother to Olivia (8 months),
but this is still my favorite
picture of him.
Here's my favorite picture of
our older daughter's two sons,
Jack and Tucker, taken in 2008
during Thanksgiving vacation.
That year, Tucker climbed up the
bench and knocked off all the
pillows to reach the hats hanging
on the wall and some vintage
cowboy boots. We found him
all decked out.
He sure was cute!
Better go find those frames...
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chalkboard Project Done

I had an old homemade chalkboard
that needed a little something...
I had a little spice rack that needed
to be used or be gone.
We put them together.
 When I saw "we" I mean Wild Bill
did it for me.
Sure, I could've done it myself.
But the man needed a job to do.

Anyway, I was busy staring at
these paint sample cards.

The left one is Gray Squirrel
by Martha Stewart.
The other is Behr's Macchiato.

I did the hard work of unscrewing
the wall switch a little so I could
slip the paint samples behind it.
So much easier than painting large
patches of paint samples on the wall and
leaving them there for 6 to 12 months!
(progress around here does tend to be slow)

 I'm making sure the paint colors
look OK with the kitchen cabinets.

I'm now convinced I don't want to
paint the cabinets -- but everything
else in the house is fair game!
Anyways...back to the chalkboard.
So glad to finally have a project done!
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Plaid Throw And Christmas Pillow

I liked the PB pumpkin pillow so much,
I bought the PB Christmas Bird one.

 It's OK.
Not great, just OK.

The red pillows are old PB ones,
and I bought the red plaid throw
at a garage sale for $5.

The throw appeared brand new, but I still
washed and dried it 3 or 4 times on hot
before using it.

Seemed like the room needed a little more
red. So I added some red plaid ribbon to
the coffee area in the corner of the room.

When I get the Christmas tree and other
decorations up there will be more red.

Definitely needs more red...
and lights!

It might seem early to decorate for
Christmas already, but if I don't get an
early start, I'll end up finishing on
Christmas Eve.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

That Ain't No Wig

Look at this 5 month old baby's hair!

You might think that's a wig,
but you would be wrong. Honest.
It is her hair. And, yes, she was
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Painting Things

I bought this vintage turkey at a
yard sale for $2.
Thought he was a steal!
Then I saw my "one-of-a-kind" turkey
 on another blog where they bought
one on discount at Target for $6!
 His features kind of blur if you get
more than 3 feet away.

 So I'd planned to paint him even before
I found out he's a cheap knockoff...
I put him on the poor china cabinet,
which is getting it's 85th makeover...

to see if Turkey might look better
if I left him as is, but set him on shelves
with a white or black background.

 This time around, the china cabinet
will be black on the outside
and white on the inside.
This is the first coat of black...and I lost
track of which coat of white it is.
 The black paint is Amy Howard's
"1-Step" paint.
The white is my favorite go-to,
Behr's Paint-and-Primer in Swiss Coffee.
Besides suffocating the china cabinet in
more layers of paint, I'm going to
add trim around the front edge.
(this is the question Wild Bill always asks)
Well, I guess it's something I haven't
done to it before!
So, back to Turkey...
You see how he gets lost?
What would you do...
Paint? Don't paint?
Brown? White with aging?
I'm up for anything...
just ask the china cabinet.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Featured At 'No Minimalist Here'

Sherry at
No Minimalist Here
featured my kitchen tour on her
Wednesday Open House Party
this week.

To say I am thankful for
being featured on such a great 
blog is putting it mildly!

I was working on the
silver tray chalkboard when
I received the news.

Please excuse...
my crappy handwritten words...
I couldn't get my
chalk-paint pen to work
(I think it dried out)
so I just grabbed a piece of
chalk and scribbled out
the old fashion way!

 I bought the pretty moose ornament,
and a Christmas tree ornament, down
at a store in McKinney TX, thinking I
could use them to decorate chalkboards.
I bought only one of each because I thought
I could trace it out on cardboard and
easily make copies of them.
(yeah, I'm cheap like that!)

The original ornaments are tin and
have script backgrounds and glitter
on the edges.

The fact they're tin will make
them easy to use as a guide.

Please click over to
No Minimalist Here
and check out her
Wednesday Open House Party:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Favorites From The Interior Home Store

I thought I'd show you some favorites
from the Interior Home Store I've
been raving about in my last posts...
It starts with the deconstructed settee:

The contrast between the lush upholstery
on one side and the stark deconstruction
on the other fascinates me every time. 

Right side of back seen above.
Middle of back below.

Left side of the back.

Another favorite:
Shelves made from wooden pallets
suspended by wires

Like the deconstructed settee,
the rougher the better!

Then there is the bed with the wall
of different colored boards.

The Merry Christmas banner would
look good across my fireplace.

Seems like everything is brown,
black, and white this year with a
little silver thrown in.
And the light in the back room...
I think I have a perfect place for it.
Oh. Yes. Pleaseeeee!!!!
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