Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Nest

Our 4-year-old granddaughter Lily is all into pink and sparkles. On a trip to Hobby Lobby last week, I found a few things to put together a fairy-type nest that reminded me of her.

My mother-in-law rode shotgun and we left the guys at home. We were on a mission.

Here's a few things I found at Hobby Lobby to build a nest.

The sparkly colorful eggs tied with a shimmery pink ribbon reminded me so much of Lily. I decided to use the bag the eggs came in under the nesting material. This meant I didn't need as much of the nesting material, and I would be able to find the bag when I was putting Easter decor away! Yeah...I'm a little forgetful. I even tied the ribbon to the top of the cloche to pretty it up.

The bag of eggs was originally around $5.60, but the Easter decor was 40% off. The bag of nesting material was $2.47, but was 50% off in the floral department. I only used about half the bag.

All the rest of the items I had on hand...I used two birds, an artificial nest, a tarnished silver tray, and a small glass cloche.

I got a kick out of the pictures when I noticed the "Our Nest" pillow on the couch was right behind the Easter egg/nest vignette.

Here's pictures of the pillow up close. This is a new favorite I bought at a home and garden shop in McKenney TX last month.

Only one week from today our fifth grandbaby, a second girl, will be born!  Hope the Easter Bunny brings you such a special delivery.

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Changing Title Of Blog

You'll note I've changed the name of my blog to:

 At Rivercrest Cottage


As The Other Me Is Sane, the blog gets a lot of hits from mental health links.

I thought if I changed the name to reflect my home and DIY projects, I might attract people with interests more similar to mine. Not that I don't like to do crazy things and share a good time. Just don't want to disappoint.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Starbucks Knockoff

Like all of you, I love the experience of Starbucks. I've never had a cup of coffee (don't feel sorry for me, I don't even like the smell), but I do like their hot chocolate. 

Starbucks no longer gives you a nice cup unless you ask. Why pay the price they charge just to get a drink in a paper cup? And, frankly, the last couple of drinks I bought weren't that good. Too watery.

I decided to make our own Starbucks. I bought two of their mugs and got out my electric kettle.

The electric kettle sits on a heating pad and shuts off automatically when it reaches boiling. The English lady at a tea shop I used to go to highly recommended it. She said to raise it up high and pour so that it aerates the water.

I used Swiss Miss no-sugar-added mix, Nesquik syrup (the only one I've found that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup) and a can of whip.

Why use no-sugar-added? Because I was going to drizzle chocolate syrup on and wanted to reduce un-needed sugar.

There are many homemade recipes for cocoa mix in blog land. I'm sure it would be cheaper still if I had used one of those, but this was quicker.

Starbucks here charges about $4 for a grande hot chocolate. A cup of homemade comes in under $1.50 a cup.  Plus, I got to use a real cup. I don't mind washing dishes.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Can't Wait Any Longer

I've stewed on this for a week, waiting to give you a chance to view "it" if you're one of those few people who can resist sitting glued to your seat on Sunday night.

And now I just have to say that Downton Abbey's third season ending sucked! Sucked big time. How could they???

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Rest Of The Kitchen

After I got through putting numbers on everything in the kitchen the other day, I added some things I bought when I was in Canton Texas.

I swear I just get the counters cleared off and everything jumps right back on them! Does that ever happen to you?

Here's the rest of the kitchen all junked up.

I bought this plate rack at Laurieanna's in Canton.

You're probably familiar with her great blog and lovely home. I'll put a link down below.

Wild Bill and I finally brought the old industrial center island in from the garage.

Half our household stuff has been out there since we cleared out the great room for the installation of the wood floors.

We have too much time on our hands to get anything done! You'll understand that once you retire.

It's hard to get a good picture of the kitchen since it's in the middle of the house, without any direct sunlight.

I'd turn the flash on, but you know what problems that brings...

I'm loving this plate rack. It evens has room on top for my spices.

They say spices should be kept in a dark place to keep them fresh, but these are about 5 years old and probably long past their expiration date anyway.

You know I don't cook much!

hmmm...where were we?
Oh, yeah...LaurieAnna's blog about her home and shop:


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Texas Trade Days

The idea of adding numbers to things has been around quite a while, and I love the look!

Last weekend, Wild Bill and I went to Canton Texas for "Trade Days". Trade Days are the Texas version of a big flea market in each town. 

Among other things,  I bought several wooden tags with various numbers. As soon as we got home, I quickly added them to some things in the kitchen.

A few days later Wild Bill asked me if I was "...fixing to sell some things?"

Huh? ...What? ... I wondered: why would he think that since I'd just bought some of it?

Then I looked at the counter again and...ohhhhhh..

I guess he thought I'd moved up from stickers on garage sale items!

I think these would be real easy to make. I just bought a few so I could use them as a pattern.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your visit. Hope you'll follow me to the blog parties listed below.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Snow In Texas

There's a lot of news about the snow storm that is due to hit the East Coast today.

While we don't get those two foot snow banks they do, we do get some snow here at the top of Texas.

Here's our house a few weeks back.

And here's the street we live on.

Not a lot of snow I know, but enough to remind us that the hot summer sun is still some months away.

The newscaster said we may get some more snow early next week...yay!  Hope you are snug and warm wherever you are this chilly weekend.