Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Blessings When Selling Your Home And Furniture

My advice to anyone selling their home and moving out of state is to sell what you can instead of going to the expense of moving and storing your furniture, washer and dryer, etc.

Our washer and dryer were sold to a friend when she was helping me get ready to put the house on the market. 

We gave her a very low price on the "H.E." set, and she is waiting to pick it up just before the house closing. A win-win for both of us!

This very heavy, wooden bed frame is staying put as our buyer is buying several large pieces of furniture...Another win-win!

We at first planned to keep about half of our furniture, but things went so quick with the sale of the house, we reconsidered and I'm so glad we did!

We have been fortunate to run into the best people during our house sale. Our realtor even bought the love seat and the home buyers have been the best we could hope to work with, and we appreciate our new-found friendship with them.

The home inspector gave me a great tip about using Facebook Marketplace instead of Craigslist when he did the inspection, and it really made a difference! 

The inspector also relayed to our buyer that we planned to sell our large, very heavy TV cabinet and would add the 65-inch TV free with the purchase.

It was sold to them in just a half hour after the inspection!

Wild Bill has suffered with progressively bad chemo-related neuropathy for a while now, and just the fact that he's saved from feeling bad about not being able to help move stuff makes a world of difference for us! I'm sure all you ladies know how a man's pride is the first to suffer, right?

Every item we've listed on FB Marketplace has sold that day or the next! This leather sofa went the afternoon we listed it...

This heavy bed below (and some other furniture and household stuff) went without listing it...The sofa buyers bought it all when they came to pay for the sofa! 

Bill's very last guitar and some large, heavy speakers (for a keyboard) had been for sale for a quite a while on Craigslist, but sold the next day after listing them on FB Marketplace. I can't recommend FB's Marketplace enough! 

Also, tell everyone that you have items for sell! Not only did the home inspector spread the word for us, but a cousin put out the word with pictures on her phone, and her son contacted us right away. 

We were able to give him just what he was looking for...a kingsize mattress and boxsprings set leftover from the sale of the bed frame, with kingsize metal frame being stored in the garage. 

We received a sweet note -- thanking us for the "blessing" from him and his fiancĂ© today -- with this lovely arrangement delivered by a florist. 

The sweet roses and lilies were totally unexpected, and they felt like a blessing to us in turn as they came just in time to make our day!

My last piece of advice is to ensure that your prices are as low as you can justify. Think about all the work that moving furniture entails...and then deduct more off the price you're willing to sell an item for to save yourself all the trouble and expense of moving and storing it. 

Last of all...a public service announcement:

Along with other local charities, anything related to a home would be greatly appreciated by Habitat For Humanity...and they will come pick up your donations and deliver them to the store for you.

Just look them up online and call them if you have a local "Restore" in your area. 

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Why The Bench Didn't Get Painted

The hall bench was going to get painted in THIS post a short while back when I was inspired by some painted chairs in Purple Hydrangeas' blogpost.

The bench is very functional and photogenic! Here it is dressed up for Christmas...

Fortunately, before I got a paint brush out our house was under contract in 2 weeks, and the buyer was interested in purchasing some of our furniture. 

So the bench is staying with the house, along with some other pieces. 

It's a blessing because we are moving several states over and haven't found a new home yet, and our closing date keeps getting closer and closer.

I'd rather find a loving home for my favorite pieces of furniture than to drag them around and put them in long-term storage. 

My grandmother put her family furniture in storage just after the Great Depression when she moved to California from Nebraska, and her furniture stayed stored for over 40 years! 

Ten years after my grandma died, my dad went back and rescued three pieces of her oak furniture in the late 70's. I wrote about that in this POST one Christmas. 

He brought back my great-grandmother's childhood washstand and mirror for me...

They are remarkably well preserved for being in a barn for over 40 years! 

The mirror has very few spots and no damage on it although I did remove the oak wooden arms that attached the mirror to washstand because they were wobbly.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

A Match Made In Heaven?

Yesterday, June 6th, was the 1-year anniversary of Wild Bill's doctor telling us Bill had, at best, 8 to 12 months to live. 

Bill is doing really well with the new chemo treatment, and he has happily traded his full head of hair for what we're hoping is a much brighter future than the doctor predicted! Every day now is one more day we never thought we'd have.

And today, June 7th, is the 1-year anniversary of my mother-in-law Jessie's passing. If you were a reader last year, you may remember Jessie died the day after learning her only child had so little time to live! 

I still think Jessie is our angel up in Heaven watching over us and maybe pulling a few strings for us now and then! Read on and see what you think...

Last Saturday night I said a prayer for the house to find a buyer to love her and release us to move forward to a new future. 

Sunday afternoon our realtor brought us a good offer for our house contingent on the sale of the buyer's local farm. 

I knew the buyer was a "kindred soul" when the offer included a request that the four counter stools and the rolling center island be left as part of the contract! 

I was happy to do that as I'm ready to release the past and embrace the future.

 On Monday, the buyer's farm went up for sale. 

On Tuesday, they accepted an offer contingent upon the completion of a pending sale of their buyer's home...So we are lined up like Dominos!

We had the required inspections on Wednesday (termite inspection) and Thursday (home inspection), and now we are waiting for the "punch" list from the home inspector's report so we can get any items he noted completed.

Please wish us all luck -- and 3 speedy closings -- and then we'll all be on our way to a new life.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Made Me Want To Paint Something!

Just when I was going to take it easy, I saw this post and loved the finish on these chairs over at The Purple Hydrangea's blog.

I decided I have to try this paint technique as I have several different colors of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint that I've hoarded, but never used. 

I think the likely victim is the dark wood bench in the hallway, but rest assured...someone here is getting painted and distressed!

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