Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter In Black

I'm not brave enough to paint
the walls black, but I have been
adding a lot of black accents.

When I decided to create an
Easter vignette recently I used
black, brown and a little mix
of green.

I'll admit it's not my usual mix
of colors for Easter, but it
makes me happy in a sort of
Adam's Family way.

I started with an old lantern. It was
red, so I slopped on some black chalk
paint. You can still see a little red in
some of the cracks. The paint was
Amy Howard's One-Step in black.

It didn't have the glass chimney
when I bought it at a garage
sale years ago, but that's OK
with me as it works better
without it for decorating.

I had the nest on hand along
with this candle ring...

The two together make a perfectly
blingy nest for one of these birds.

The other bird got this softer nest...

I added an old Christmas bow
to perk it up a bit.

I'm going to add a cloche next
to cover it, and then find a
permanent place for it.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

New "Old" Coat Rack

My birthday was this month
(yep...19 again!)

Wild Bill and I went to my
favorite place, McKinney TX,
so I could pick out something
for him to buy me.

Another rack with hooks...

I so love the idea of these.

It was hard to get a good picture.

I put it on the entry bench, which
still has the Winter pillow on it.

I don't usually go for aqua, but with
the rusty look, I couldn't pass it up.
It's a reproduction of course, but
it does look vintage at least.

I'm waiting for it to warm up a little
so we can do some work in the
garage and cut a board to use as
a backing for the rack.

I'm worried it may not hold up on
the wall without a board backing it. 

Any suggestions on hanging it?

I'd love to hear them while we
wait here for the Spring thaw.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vintage Love And Computer Issues

One of my favorite things of all my
finds is this vintage strainer.

It looks lighter here, but is actually
almost a denim blue in my
windowless kitchen.

See how much darker it is hanging
on the kitchen cabinet?

I've been grumpy lately
and avoiding my blog.

My computer was acting up and
it would not show a lot of the 
pictures on blogs, so we decided
it was time to get a new laptop.

Guess what?

The new one acted up too!

Turns out, it was in our high speed
cable internet box...or modem...or
something to do with the connection.

I kinda tuned out when Wild Bill
went into what I call his
"deep discussion mode"
about how he fixed it.

Just wanted to warn ya'll that if
your computer won't show pictures
on blogs, you might want to check
out the little box thingy and the
cable internet stuffy before you
blame your poor laptop.

That's as technical as I get.

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I'm always glad to see you here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saw On Craigslist

I may be addicted to Craigslist.

I have a garage full of projects and
yet I check Craigslist everyday.
sincerely hope I'm not the only one! 

I love this coffee table...

I think the coffee table legs could
be extended to make it high enough
to make it a farm table.

I keep thinking it would be easier to
buy it than to make a new top for the
too small table we already have.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope
you have some advice for me.