Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Charming Way To Serve Fudge

Ever have your fudge turn out just a little too soft to cut properly? 

Maybe we could serve our too soft fudge in this charming way...

Making Gift Fudge At Mamas Mercantile

Don't get me wrong...looks like Mamas Mercantile's fudge turned out perfect! 

But I think if my fudge doesn't turn out as solid as hers (and I admit it doesn't sometimes) this would still be a perfectly lovely way to serve it.

Hop on over to her post HERE and check out all the gifts she whipped up in her kitchen...Even Mama's "gift soap" looks good enough to eat!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Golden Boys And Me...A Colorful Room

I was tired of looking at our neutral beige walls and furniture, so I went looking for some colorful inspiration. I found it on the blog, Golden Boys and Me...

Warm Colorful Room On Golden Boys And Me

After years of going mostly neutral, I find this year I'm loving red again!

Here's an old photo of a red plaid duvet from Pottery Barn and some old red floral shams my mother gave me a long time ago. 

I sent the floral shams to a blogging friend who is a terrific sewer, hoping she can remake them into something for her home, but I still have the red plaid duvet to use on one of the beds.

I found the storage box with these $5 red throws I got a bargain on a few years ago...

They're from Old Navy's store. One of them cheered up a leather chair one Christmas past...

The other one livened up the corner beige chair like it will do this year too...

I found this photo of our living room from last year when I put an old family quilt on our love seat... 

Even though there's very little red in the old quilt, I think I'll dig it out and cheer our place up a little like the room on Golden Boys and Me's blog.

The red in this old chair wreath is perky and cheerful -- just right for adding red to the dining room...

And last year or the year before, Oldest Grandgirl made this cute red Christmas Elf picture for me, which I'll frame and hang up this year.

hmmm...the little blond elf in the drawing sure looks familiar! 

I wonder if she was looking in the mirror when she was drawing it?

If you want some ideas for a cheerful room or two, head on over to this post on The Golden Boys and Me

I think her home will give you inspiration.  And...I don't want to spoil the surprise, but her kitchen has a sleigh hanging from the ceiling!

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They're saying it might snow here this Saturday...YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Finding Bits Of Christmas Past

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Somewhere in our garage and storage closet are Christmas decorations I need to find.

I've been trying to find the inspiration to get started in my search so I've been looking at photos from years past to get me going! 

I've got to find my snow boots for didn't snow at all here last year, but they're my favorite decoration for the entryway even if I don't need to wear them!

The year before last it really snowed here in NE Texas. My feet were warm every time I ventured out in those snow boots.

The View From Our Porch In Winters Past

I've been tempted to buy some new Christmas signs and pillows recently, but this year I've vowed to bring out all the decorations hidden away and use what we have and only keep what I love.

I'd forgotten about these Christmas pot-holders in floral and stripes. I love to hang them for Christmas decor...I'd never actually use them!

Last year I mixed the white dishes we use every day with this woodland Santa and faux Christmas greens. 

I like the look of the white mixed in so if I buy anything this year it will be white -- or black and white -- decor.

Somewhere these Merry Christmas signs are tucked away tight! I hope I'm not the only one who packs things away and then can't find them...

I bought this Santa last year (or the year before) at Home Goods. They had so many wonderful Santas it was hard to choose.

And last year Trader Joe's had these wonderful little bright green bushes. I bought 2 or 3 of them and loved using them on the kitchen counter and dining room cabinets. 

I've gone to Trader Joe's twice this year, but haven't found them for sale yet.

Though some of the Grand-Dogs are no longer with us, each year their ornaments (shown here from a past Christmas) will again remind me of those sweet canine grandkids!

Sweet Dee Always Loved To Celebrate, Especially If Food Was Involved!

I especially miss Dee (above) and Wrigley (below) whenever I see their ornaments and think of them.

Mr. Wrigs Was Afraid Of His Own Shadow When Adopted, 
But Became A Loving Party Animal

My own dog, Ginger, died over 27 years ago. I haven't been able to adopt a dog of my own because of her memory.

This picture of her makes her look white, but she was ginger colored just like this ornament, which reminds me so much of her...

Her favorite toy was a green squeaky frog, which we called "Froggy" original!

A few years ago, I walked into a store after Christmas in a little town in Illinois while visiting Middle Daughter.  

Right on the tree in front of me was this green frog ornament, and I promptly burst into tears! Twenty-seven years...and it still hurts my heart to think of her loss.

Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. I enjoy your visits so much and your comments are always appreciated. I'll be by to see your decorations as soon as you get them up.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Only In Texas!

Allen Texas is northeast of Dallas about 25 miles. 

We were sitting at a stoplight in Allen recently and were tickled to see this memorial to the first train robbery in Texas!

I would take a better picture if I could find this corner again

The plaque reads:

"The first train robbery in Texas took place in Allen where railroad tracks cross Main Street. Sam Bass led the hold-up on Feb 22, 1878."

Only in Texas would a town proudly boast of having the first train robbery in the state.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Can I Have This Dance?

Yesterday on the Veterans Day holiday, my WWII father-in-law Raymond left this world to join Jessie, his sweetheart of 71 years.

Jessie and Raymond, Now Together Forever

We do not grieve for him as we all knew when Jessie passed last June that Raymond would be impatient to once again be by his wife's side.

All his life Raymond loved to dance, and it was at a dance club in Dallas Texas back in 1947 that he asked a shy girl (sitting far back at a table with her friends) to come dance with him. 

The music was lively, so Jessie said yes. Due to a paralyzed arm  (which was injured by the doctor at birth) Jessie seldom danced to slow songs because she could not lift her paralyzed arm to a slow dance position.

When the fast dance ended, Raymond did his best to keep the pretty stranger on the dance floor with him for a slow dance. 

Jessie would have none of it, and she told Raymond she did not dance slow dances! 

Now Raymond prided himself on his dancing prowess (and of course he thought he could change her mind) so he smugly asked, "Why not?"

Jessie's quick response was to point to her limp right arm and retort (in 1947 language), "I'm crippled!"

And an amused Raymond (who grew up with his beloved deaf older brother) shot right back, "Isn't everyone?"

They danced.

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Colorful Outdoor Pots For The Holiday Season

Are your potted plants losing their color and life as mine are? 

I was looking for inspiration down in McKinney Texas the other day and the plants outside the shop My Favorite Room drew my attention.

Potted Plants Outside My Favorite Room

The shop owner always manages to pick just the right time to add a few new seasonal plants to the year-round boxwoods and ivy in front of her shop.

Here the purple and green cabbages and the yellow mums are growing in fuller just as the peppers are starting to fade away...

No matter how I try, our front entry doesn't have the northern exposure that seems to provide the perfect light and temperature to keep potted plants as happy as these plants seem to be no matter the season.

Yet, despite past failures *sigh* I plan to try once again to perk up our outside pots this season. 

Please let me know if you have a favorite outdoor plant that will add some color to outdoor pots in an east side exposure and thrive for the holiday season.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Favorite Photo Sunday...The Story Behind The Photo

Here's my favorite photo this week...

Would You Believe She's Almost 45?

Oldest Daughter as Dolly Parton!  

She even got her husband (at 6 foot 5 he had to stoop down to get in the picture) to grow a beard and dress as Dolly's favorite singing partner Kenny Rogers...

And then they did a lip sync to Dolly and Kenny's recording of Islands In The Stream and made a video to share with all their family and friends. 

This photo is an inspiration for me because Oldest Daughter doesn't really like to wear make up or put herself "out there" usually.  

She chose to do different this year. It's an example I plan to follow.

Do you see the joy on her face in these photos? I do. Joy is what I aspire to next year and why not start now? Joy comes when you loosen up a little and let yourself try new things. 

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Finds...Finding More Space

We met with a realtor this week and now the idea of selling our house is getting real!

The "one in, one out" rule doesn't work for us since we're trying to clear our house out as much as possible...less clutter looks like more space, right?

My 'thrifty and frugal' blogging friend Laura, over at Harvest Lane Cottage, claims she regains a square foot of real estate space for every shopping bag full of stuff that goes out of her door. We all can use more space right?

Now seldom does illness come with a benefit, but a weight loss of 70 pounds has been one Wild Bill appreciates. Some of his dress clothes just had to go! 

We started with Bill's closet and also cleared off some shelves in the garage. I estimate we regained 9 square feet of real estate.

Out this week

  • Eight men's button up dress shirts (3 sq feet)
  • One barely worn sports coat (1 sq ft)
  • Two large boxes of garage stuff -- work gloves, boxes of nails, power drill, etc. (4 sq feet)
  • Bag: women's clothes, household goods, a 3-tier shelf (1 sq ft)

Where Did It Go? 

We have a friend, Henry, who is heavily involved with local chapters of military veterans' service organizations like the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) to name a few. 
  • For the clothes: We asked Henry if he knew any vets (short on cash) who might be in need of 'Big and Tall' dress clothes. Sadly, Henry assured us there are more than a few in the local area. 
  • For the tools etc: We had lots of rain a year or so back and one of the veterans' organizations was flooded twice! They are working on repairing the facility. Henry also took the two boxes of garage stuff to help in the rebuilding.
  • Everything else: Went to the Goodwill.

If you need inspiration on recovering your space, check out Laura's blog and start tracking how much space you regain in your home. 

If you're interested in saving money, check out Laura's post called Forty Ways To Use It Up And Wear It Out.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloweens Past...Cuz I'd Rather Be Merry Than Scary This Year

Halloween is almost here and we have a bushel basket full of candy, but just haven't taken the time to decorate for Halloween like I've always done in the past. 

It seems like I just want to get through Halloween so I can get into Christmas. 

Yeah, I'll say it...

I'm not feeling Halloween this year!

So I thought I'd put up some photos of "Halloweens Past" so you wouldn't think I'm a complete grump. 

These pictures are all from other years when the Halloween spirit was with me.

I know my Halloween spirit will come back...just not this year. 

This year I'll breathe a sigh of relief on November 1st and make a bee-line for Christmas. I'd rather be Merry than Scary this year!

Maybe it's because 2018 has been a hard year for us...too many losses. The future looks bright, but the recent past has taken a toll. 

This year I'm not going to black out my teeth or put on a costume, but I will wear this T-Shirt, give out candy, and admire all the little ones who come to the door. 

Then on November 1st, fall and Halloween are gone and I hope my mood brightens. I really can't wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 2019 to get here.

I've even picked my "word" for 2019... it's JOY.  I hope to find all the joy in 2019 that we missed out on in 2018, and I hope you do too.

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(And Happy Halloween To You)