Sunday, June 20, 2010

Redneck Exercise Program

Since we bought the new car for "me" to replace the Pathfinder, strangely, I have been driving the pickup truck as my mode of transportation. Something about the car getting such better gas mileage was the justification Gampy used to steal the little beauty out from under (literally) my butt! But, I don't mind. The realtor Gail saw some recent posts on this website and asked me if I have lost weight? Answer...No, put I have slimmed down my stomach and put on some muscle recently and I attribute it to my new lifestyle.

You see the stepping board under the door in the picture above? That's not just for show. I have to grab hold of the steering wheel and boost myself up into the seat of the big-rig. I called that my "pull-ups". Then there's my usual stop at Lowe's or Home Depot for gardening supplies. That bag of Citrus fertilizer weighs 20 pounds!!! I do 8 reps with that: (1) lift it from the shelf (2) place in cart (3) pick up from cart put on counter (4) put back in cart (5) out of cart into back of truck...well, you get the picture.

Then there's my free stones to build the planting beds, about 15 pounds a piece. Try picking up and putting down 10 of them about 10 times for each one.

Add the plants to put in the ground. These are my deep knee bends, squats, etc. Digging the hole really builds the muscle on the biceps too. Altogether a great fitness plan.

So, if you're getting a little soft and need to join a gym, why not skip it and come vacation with me. I have some free weights just waiting for you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tiny Memories To Share

I found some pictures in my little Notebook computer that I hadn't seen in a while. The pictures are from my trip to Illinois last winter. The picture above was when Jaysa and I walked Dee and I discovered that sewer mantles are warm.

I also discovered that even little short people like Jaysa can get big bellies!

I learned that Mike can make a career out of trying to get his mother in law tipsy...

I learned that I cry at the drop of a hat where babies are concerned...and that Dee loves babies as much as I do and won't leave the baby's side if it all possible.

I learned that it's an honor to be the first person to get pee'd on by the new baby...

...and that Dee will climb any mountain (or couch arm) to watch over the baby while he's sleeping.

And, I learned that no matter how much experience you think you have tending babies, it's not adequate for Dee to relax and let you have the baby to yourself.

That's it Dee, keep crawling up until you are as close as you can get! This is only my sixth grandchild, but you'd better keep your good eye on me all the same.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Backyard Gets Some Mulch and Sod

This is the backyard last Fall when we had the back patio and trees put in. We finally have started to fix it up and make it more attractive to sell.

Still needs work, but at least there's some green back there now. We've been watering morning and evening for 10 days now. The weather has been really hot...98 to 100 for about 8 this doesn't help get the sod going. It's starting to recover and hopefully will be in good shape in about a month, but even being in shock it looks better than no green or mulch.

Some nosy neighbors stopped by to take a look. That's one of the 3 new babies peering in from behind the fence. I guess I scared it, because it took off running even though I used a zoom lens and stayed as far away as possible.

It ran over to its Mama and she turned around and looked pissed at me. But, she didn't take off. She stood her ground and stared over her shoulder at me.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Need A Laugh?

So, I have NO IDEA why or when these pictures were taken. I had to ask Gampy to download my camera ("please show me how just one more time") and to quote him... "You have 138 pictures in your camera...AGAIN????"

Me: " Well, if you wouldn't say that every time I ask you how to download them, I wouldn't wait so long!"

As best I can remember, one Sunday I was jokingly giving him a tutorial on how much it takes for a woman to get ready to go to breakfast or something like that. Anyway, the pictures were not the best (that's an understatement), but I knew you might get a laugh from them otherwise...these would never see the light of day!