Monday, June 7, 2010

The Backyard Gets Some Mulch and Sod

This is the backyard last Fall when we had the back patio and trees put in. We finally have started to fix it up and make it more attractive to sell.

Still needs work, but at least there's some green back there now. We've been watering morning and evening for 10 days now. The weather has been really hot...98 to 100 for about 8 this doesn't help get the sod going. It's starting to recover and hopefully will be in good shape in about a month, but even being in shock it looks better than no green or mulch.

Some nosy neighbors stopped by to take a look. That's one of the 3 new babies peering in from behind the fence. I guess I scared it, because it took off running even though I used a zoom lens and stayed as far away as possible.

It ran over to its Mama and she turned around and looked pissed at me. But, she didn't take off. She stood her ground and stared over her shoulder at me.


  1. The yard looks great! I hope you left adequate room for our "net games," should we ever get the opportunity again. :-) That baby is so cute!

  2. Hopefully we will sell it soon. But, net games could be played in the far back outside the fence or on one of the driveways in front. In the afternoon there's more shade in the front patio for the on-lookers to have drinks and enjoy the competition.