Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Off The To Do List

Remember that queen headboard from Craigslist?

I finally checked that project off the
"Fixing To Do" list.

I didn't distress the headboard yet, or
darken it with dark wax. 

I'm not sure if I'll leave it white. It
depends on what color I paint the walls.
But, for now, it seems to brighten up
the room.

I'm looking for two smaller wood
bedside tables that I can paint.

The ones we have are too large and too
dark. We bought them for the king-size
bed frame, then we decided to go down
to a queen.

I found an old comforter and pillow
shams in a closet. I think they're from
around 1997 when I was in my
"I'm a little bit country" days.

Yes, I'm a hoarder, no doubt!

We're using these temporarily until we
decide what color we'll paint the walls
and then we'll find bedding to match.

I bought a bed skirt at Pottery Barn
last Sunday. I'm hoping the wrinkles
fall out by themselves. 

I put our bench at the foot of the bed,
but it looks odd so I removed it.

I haven't told Wild Bill yet, but I'm
thinking he could build a foot-board
like the headboard.

Here's a photo of the back.
I think maybe a 4x4 with a fence
cap and a round thingy on top.

I actually have four similar round thingies,
left over from an old bed frame we had.
And four of the fence caps too!

I told you I was a hoarder, right?

Well, one down...
and about 98 other projects to go!


What are you planning to finish this year?

I'm joining parties here this week:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healing Time

Wild Bill has been in a medical boot up to
his knee for two weeks now. Day and
night, even while he sleeps.

Doctor today said another 4 weeks to go.
" takes longer to heal when you're older."


The up side is, with all the sitting we've
been able to see three movies in the last
week. Two depressing ones, and one
very heart-warming one:

Lone Survivor:

Good movie, great actors. Maybe because
I am a military veteran, I left the movie a
little heart-broken and totally depressed.
It was very discouraging to see the lack of
support our troops receive from our leaders.

I would say wait for the video, but
because the action in the movie will come
across better on the big screen than it will
on the video, I'd recommend paying the
movie price.

Our Rating: See It At The Movies

August: Osage County:

Good movie and great actors. Again, I left
the movie depressed. The family featured
in the movie was far from kind and loving.
In fact, for the first time in his life, Wild
Bill was happy to be an only child!

Our Rating: Wait For The Video

Saving Mr. Banks:  

We highly recommend. There are two
story lines. One features Walt Disney and
how he struggled to bring the book 
Mary Poppins to life as a movie. The 
other story line is intertwined with the
main story and brings an understanding of
what the people in the book meant to the
writer of Mary Poppins.

Our Rating: See It At The Movies 

How about you?
Have you seen any movies lately?
Tell us what you think.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Woman Plans

There's a saying that goes...

Man Plans, God Laughs

That's been the last 5 weeks!

I love Pottery Barn's Sofia headboard,
but not the price. $899 for a queen size.

Found a similar one on Craigslist $85 Yay!

I forgot to take a picture before I started
painting it, but the whole thing was like
the bed post here.

Not bad wood, but I wanted a white
headboard so I started painting.

Completion? I'm getting there...

But life keeps getting in the way.

First we got snow that turned to ice.

This is when it first started.

Then, more came down. 

Wild Bill slipped on the snow-
turned-ice and sprained his ankle.

After 5 days, we finally got out.

The icey-snow broke one wiper...

Don't laugh when I tell you that Wild
Bill made me drive like this for 2 days
before he got the wipers replaced!

Right after our ice melted, middle
daughter called and asked us to
come early for Christmas. 

First she was sick,
then the little one got sick...

We left for Illinois within 2 hours.

More snow! More ice!

On December 23rd, Wild Bill slipped.
It appeared he sprained his other ankle.

On the trip home on Dec 28th, we both
developed terrible colds and sinuses.

Wild Bill's ankle got worse, but he failed
to mention it to our family doctor he saw 
for his sinus problems on Jan 2nd.

On the 8th, he finally went back
to the doctor to see about that ankle. 

Turns out, he actually fractured his leg
back on the 23rd. Now he's in a leg
boot up to his knee.

According to the Orthopedist, you should 
never ignore what could be a broken bone
as it doesn't take much to do a lot of 
damage if you twist or turn it the wrong
way, and then it would require
cut-you-open surgery!

Still working on the headboard.

 We take his mom for eye surgery on Monday.

On Tuesday, I have two procedures that
will require going under anesthesia.


Man Plans, God Laughs

We're off to a great year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Word For 2014: Completion

My word for 2014 is

This vintage farm table is one of the few
projects I completed in 2013.

Truth be told, I probably spent 2 years
getting it done!

I hope you're like me, or else you probably
think I'm sloooooow...

Picking paint color is my nemesis.

This little table has been many colors.
In fact, I painted it French Grey
 then decided to paint it white
the grey looked so good with the white
that I left the inside grey.


Now the only thing left in this room
is to decide on a new paint color (uh-oh)
for the walls, to match the new carpet.

And paint it.

But I do have a year.

easier said than done.

Happy New Year!