Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finally Getting Floors

 This is my favorite tear sheet from a magazine showing a stone floor with the grout put on sloppily so it looks like it's been there a long time.  I put this picture out on the kitchen counter so the tile setters will remember how I don't want the new floor to look glossy and perfect.

Here's the before of the master bathroom with the stained and scored cement floors. The goal in here is to be able to use my beloved steam mop to clean the floors, as well as lighten up the room.
 We bought a builder's spec home a while back and we're finally moving forward with some much needed upgrades!
 Here's some pictures of the old stained cement floors. They are really hard on your feet and legs.
 The new floor will be stone tiles from Mexico. We took a long time deciding because we don't particularily like the tile on the bath tub surround, but it would be a major job to remove them. So matching the new tiles to the old tile was a must.

 I don't think having a toliet right by your bed like this will catch on any time soon as a new style!

So far, so good. The tile guys are doing the master bath and the laundry room today, and the guest bath tomorrow. We can't walk on the new stuff tonight.

The powder room bath is waiting until we decide if it will be tile or wood. It's right by the kitchen and I'm not sold on putting wood in the kitchen, but whatever goes in the kitchen the powder room bath will match it for "flow" reasons.

What about you? Wood or tile/stone in your kitchen? Please leave a comment and let me know which way you would go. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon for a look at the finished rooms.

I'm linking up to the Feathered Nest Friday at French Country Cottage. She always has a lot of interesting nesting going on there!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trip

Wild Bill and I decided to take a road trip. We couldn't decide between Tennessee and South Dakota. Finally, the very morning we left, we decided to head East to Tennessee.

Early May and it was already hot and humid by the time we reached El Dorado Arkansas! I knew we had made a mistake and quickly convinced Wild Bill to make a left turn and head North to South Dakota. OK, so we had gone quite a bit out of the way, but South Dakota was worth the trip. Here's coming into town near Deadwood SD. Sorry for the bug splatters on the windshield...

I loved this little mountain stream. It was worth the 2 days drive just to see this creek running down the mountain.
We found a lake outside of town while exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota. We really regretted not having a camper or trailer to camp in at this point. The lake was so perfect, I was sure I could catch a fish if I just had a pole!

I'm not much of a boat person, but I sure wanted to launch one into this lake and try my luck at fishing. Here's a little town called Hill City. By this time, we were checking real estate flyer's to find a perfect cabin to put down some roots.

The last thing we did this day was a trip by the Crazy Horse monument, which is in very slow progress. Hope you get a chance to check out this lovely area soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday we missed Boneless Wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings. The boneless wings sell for about 50 cents a piece all day and we usually try to have lunch there on Thursday. It's not only that we're cheap, we're retired...enuf said.

Anyway, we were hankering for the wings, so we went there today for lunch at twice the cost.

After lunch, Wild Bill had to go to the restroom so I went and sat in the truck outside. He came out and related this story, and I laughed 'til, literally, I cried: 

Wild Bill hurried into the restroom and into the stall. Someone came in and went into the stall next to him, peed and flushed, and went out. Wild Bill "finished up" and opened the stall door to see two women washing their hands.

 "Holy Shit!" he said "Is this the ladies room?"

When I could, I asked him if he washed his hands.

  "Hell no! I ran straight out the door." 

I still had one last question....

 "What did the women say?"

To which he replied,

  "They didn't say anything, they were laughing themselves stupid like ya'll."

I hope this made your day as much as it did mine!