Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday we missed Boneless Wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings. The boneless wings sell for about 50 cents a piece all day and we usually try to have lunch there on Thursday. It's not only that we're cheap, we're retired...enuf said.

Anyway, we were hankering for the wings, so we went there today for lunch at twice the cost.

After lunch, Wild Bill had to go to the restroom so I went and sat in the truck outside. He came out and related this story, and I laughed 'til, literally, I cried: 

Wild Bill hurried into the restroom and into the stall. Someone came in and went into the stall next to him, peed and flushed, and went out. Wild Bill "finished up" and opened the stall door to see two women washing their hands.

 "Holy Shit!" he said "Is this the ladies room?"

When I could, I asked him if he washed his hands.

  "Hell no! I ran straight out the door." 

I still had one last question....

 "What did the women say?"

To which he replied,

  "They didn't say anything, they were laughing themselves stupid like ya'll."

I hope this made your day as much as it did mine!


  1. Lol! How long will it be before you can go back without laughing? What a great story!!

  2. Poor Bill. Drowning in wing sauce and shame.

  3. Yes, this made my day...LOL!!

  4. ha ha, that it so funny! We love BBW! We went to a new one and when I went into the bathroom I thought it was weird that there were tv's above the sink. I had to go really bad so I ran into the stall. When I came out, I realized I was in the men's room! The layout was different from our regular BBW so when I went to the bathroom, I didn't look, just went where I usually go. By the time I got back to the table, I was in tears laughing.

  5. OMG! I did that in a bikini! Went into the men's room by the beach by mistake. It's soooo embarassing! I feel for Wild Bill! Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that funny story!
    wendy xo

  6. :-D !!!!! Has he gotten over being embarrassed?

  7. That's hilarious! Hope Wild Bill doesn't mind you sharing that story with us!!