Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pottery Barn Post

You may already know this, but it was new to me and someone else may be in the dark too. Pottery Barn has free classes on decorating and they will give you a 10% off coupon for your entire purchase the day of the class.

We were down in Austin early one Saturday, trying to avoid work we needed to do at home to pack for our final move up North. Wild Bill let me off at Pottery Barn and headed for Barnes and Noble to avoid another 'quick trip' through Pottery Barn. We saw people going in the store so thought they were open early (this was before Thanksgiving). When I got to the door, the lady asked if I was there for the decorating class? hmmmmm, I could use a class, how much? Free, come on in.

So that's how I found out PB gives a great class on various topics. The one I attended was on 'Decorating for the Holidays' and was very informative, and I learned how to use PB products to create different table settings. At the end of the class, we were each given a 10% off coupon to use that day for our entire purchase.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I made another stop in Waxahatchie yesterday and spotted this sign at my favorite Junk-tiques store:

We Buy Junk, But Sell Antiques

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time Flies

Nothing makes me feel older than when my first born has a birthday. Jenny was born just a few months before I turned 24. I was not planning on having children, so that was old for a new mother back in the early 70's. By today's standards I was young, but back in the late 60's, half my graduating high school class had babies within a year or two of graduation.

I was quite taken with the dark haired actress Jennifer O'Neil in the most popular movie at that time, Summer of '42, which is why my first born was named Jennifer...along with every other girl baby that year! I imagined a sweet baby girl with dark brown eyes and dark, dark hair. That's exactly what I got. My sweet baby Jenny.

Her sisters have lighter hair (one is light brown, the other is blond) and lighter eyes (hazel and gray) -- no two alike, despite being from the same mother and father. I wonder if I had imagined Jenny with different coloring would she still have had dark hair and dark brown eyes all her life? I really do believe in the power of your subconscious mind!

I don't think any other name would've suited her. From the moment I knew she was there, she was always a perfect Jenny to me. Happy Birthday pretty girl! Boy do I feel old.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I Learned On My Roadtrip...Eating Ice Cream

My first stop on my solo road trip West was in Albuquerque to see my youngest daughter and her 2 year old, Lily. Despite not being a big eater, Lily chose one of Baskin Robbin's big "clown cones" instead of one of their youth size cones.

Lily proceeded to get "gunked" up in the bright colored icing that some idiot invented a long time ago and put it on the cone right where a child holds the cone. I know this because my own daughters always fell for the clown cones over 20-some years ago, even tho we knew it would make a mess.
Mama had to do a clean up mid-way through. Lily did not like this, but put up with it for the sake of cleanliness.

The brown cookie cap came off so as to get a better bite of the ice cream. The photo below shows how far Lily got before she gave up the cone to Mama to throw away.

And, this is the look Lily gave her mother mid-way when her mother suggested Lily would not be able to finish the cone.

Mama: 1

Lily: 0