Saturday, December 3, 2011

What I Learned On My Roadtrip...Eating Ice Cream

My first stop on my solo road trip West was in Albuquerque to see my youngest daughter and her 2 year old, Lily. Despite not being a big eater, Lily chose one of Baskin Robbin's big "clown cones" instead of one of their youth size cones.

Lily proceeded to get "gunked" up in the bright colored icing that some idiot invented a long time ago and put it on the cone right where a child holds the cone. I know this because my own daughters always fell for the clown cones over 20-some years ago, even tho we knew it would make a mess.
Mama had to do a clean up mid-way through. Lily did not like this, but put up with it for the sake of cleanliness.

The brown cookie cap came off so as to get a better bite of the ice cream. The photo below shows how far Lily got before she gave up the cone to Mama to throw away.

And, this is the look Lily gave her mother mid-way when her mother suggested Lily would not be able to finish the cone.

Mama: 1

Lily: 0


  1. Mama: 1, Lily: 0, Adorableness: infinity

  2. Incidentally, last night Lily asked me to take her to "the ice cream store." When I declined, she told me Gammy will take her there at Christmas.

  3. I just love this!!! How precious is that little face is! :-)

  4. I re-read this and thought a) I could go for some ice cream, b) I have very fond memories of the clown cones, and c) I love Lily's comment that Gammy will take her there at Christmas. Ben would be happy to join you; that is one sweet he does eat.