Friday, June 11, 2010

Tiny Memories To Share

I found some pictures in my little Notebook computer that I hadn't seen in a while. The pictures are from my trip to Illinois last winter. The picture above was when Jaysa and I walked Dee and I discovered that sewer mantles are warm.

I also discovered that even little short people like Jaysa can get big bellies!

I learned that Mike can make a career out of trying to get his mother in law tipsy...

I learned that I cry at the drop of a hat where babies are concerned...and that Dee loves babies as much as I do and won't leave the baby's side if it all possible.

I learned that it's an honor to be the first person to get pee'd on by the new baby...

...and that Dee will climb any mountain (or couch arm) to watch over the baby while he's sleeping.

And, I learned that no matter how much experience you think you have tending babies, it's not adequate for Dee to relax and let you have the baby to yourself.

That's it Dee, keep crawling up until you are as close as you can get! This is only my sixth grandchild, but you'd better keep your good eye on me all the same.


  1. Oh, the memories. That already feels like forever ago. It is so funny to see those pictures of Ben so tiny. After 4 months, Dee has decided Mike and I are fit parents and are allowed to sit alone with the baby now. We'll see if you and Gampy are given the same leeway...

  2. Poor Dee! She's just trying to look out for the bay-bay!