Saturday, August 14, 2021

How Many Bones Can You Break Getting New Carpet?

Well, if you read my title above, you might know why I haven't posted lately. The answer is 3 or 4 bones in my case!  

Both Middle Fingers Fractured

Right after my last post, the construction guy I've been using to upgrade things in my new house removed and replaced the carpet in my bedroom and closet.

Things went smoothly until Tony asked if I had a second vacuum so he could put both of his 20-something-year-old helpers to work vacuuming for me. 

I think he was a little miffed at them, as he was doing the final threshold alone, and they were just standing around talking and watching him work.

I had been sitting and staying out of trouble in the living room. I tend to be the "hands-on" type, so that's how I was staying out of their way!

As I carefully stepped over the carpet doubled back in the threshold on the way in, I was happy to get my first look at the new carpet.

The problem was on the way back out! I got distracted by a clogged vacuum filter I was carrying and wasn't watching where I was going.

In a hurry, I tripped over the unfinished carpet in the threshold and did a Lucille-Ball-stumble out the doorway and into the opposite wall! 

My hands naturally went up to protect myself during the fall, and I fractured the middle fingers on both hands. 

Later I drove myself down to an Immediate Care facility where they have X-ray machines. Both middle fingers were fractured, the left worse than the right. 

They put splints on both middle fingers, which really improved my ability to flip people off should I choose to do so!

As for my toes, my left foot got tangled up in the piled up carpet in the threshold, which caused me to trip in the first place. Stumbling, I drug my foot over the newly installed tack-board causing some punctures and a toe or two got fractured in the tangle. 

If you've ever broken a toe, you know they don't do much for them. I broke one of my toes the night Wild Bill and I got married, and we went home the next day after the doctor said just stay off it.

I haven’t gotten the room in shape yet, but here’s a picture of the threshold after Tony finished it up. 

Thanks For Dropping By!


  1. Oh no! The carpet looks good, the fingers not so much! Hope you heal quickly.

  2. That was a quite a stunt you did fracturing you fingers!!
    Your new house looks lovely and I wish you happiness.

  3. Oh my goodness girl! I have had a broken toe more than once and you are right - they don't do much if anything.
    Yo truly could just flip off who you want without all the breaks!!! LOL Well, I guess now no one can get mad!!
    On the other hand - the carpet looks lovely.

    Take care.

  4. Well , I guess at least it wasn't your nose.
    Nice carpet all done.

  5. So sorry to hear about your fall and broken fingers. These things happen so quickly (and easily). I hope you heal fast. Love the carpet and look forward to seeing your new home blossom.

  6. Yikes! Here's hoping for a fast recovery.

  7. Oh my gosh I am glad you are doing ok. How painful and on both hands. The carpet looks really nice just sorry you had to have that fall. Wishing you a speedy recovery. xoxo

  8. What a wild spill you took, and an odd choice of fingers to break. Well, I know you didn't choose. I hope you heal quickly.

  9. Oh golly. Pretty carpet, but what a price! May God heal you quickly and completely in Jesus' name.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Oh my goodness! Two toes and two fingers! Bet it scared those guys to death...well and you too. Hope the fingers heal quick. It must be hard to do most anything with a cast on each hand. The carpet looks beautiful. You take care.

  11. Oh dear, what a thing to happen. As you say, useful for flipping people off but that's about all. I hope you are doing better by now--I've been so busy canning that I'm behind on blog-reading and just now catching up with you.

  12. Oh my I bet that hurt! Hope you are healing okay!