Friday, February 15, 2013

The Rest Of The Kitchen

After I got through putting numbers on everything in the kitchen the other day, I added some things I bought when I was in Canton Texas.

I swear I just get the counters cleared off and everything jumps right back on them! Does that ever happen to you?

Here's the rest of the kitchen all junked up.

I bought this plate rack at Laurieanna's in Canton.

You're probably familiar with her great blog and lovely home. I'll put a link down below.

Wild Bill and I finally brought the old industrial center island in from the garage.

Half our household stuff has been out there since we cleared out the great room for the installation of the wood floors.

We have too much time on our hands to get anything done! You'll understand that once you retire.

It's hard to get a good picture of the kitchen since it's in the middle of the house, without any direct sunlight.

I'd turn the flash on, but you know what problems that brings...

I'm loving this plate rack. It evens has room on top for my spices.

They say spices should be kept in a dark place to keep them fresh, but these are about 5 years old and probably long past their expiration date anyway.

You know I don't cook much!

hmmm...where were we?
Oh, yeah...LaurieAnna's blog about her home and shop:



  1. I really love your kitchen! I like the island in the middle too. It's so unique. I have ordered from Laurianna's before since I can't shop there in person. She has some great things. Love the plate rack you bought there.

  2. I love just about everything in your kitchen- so lovely! I especially like those new number tags. Good find!

  3. I love the plate rack! And what a bonus to be able to display your spices on top!