Friday, February 8, 2013

A Little Snow In Texas

There's a lot of news about the snow storm that is due to hit the East Coast today.

While we don't get those two foot snow banks they do, we do get some snow here at the top of Texas.

Here's our house a few weeks back.

And here's the street we live on.

Not a lot of snow I know, but enough to remind us that the hot summer sun is still some months away.

The newscaster said we may get some more snow early next week...yay!  Hope you are snug and warm wherever you are this chilly weekend.


  1. No snow here right now. I am snuggled in though!

  2. Love how the world looks when there is just a little dusting of snow. We have way too much.

  3. It is in the 80's here in South Texas.
    Your home is beautiful!
    Is that limestone?

    White Spray Paint

    1. thanks Laura. It's red brick that the builder brushed white paint over. However, it looks like pink from a distance so when we give directions we tell them the pink house on the corner.

  4. I think you've had more snow than we have here in Virginia! :-) LIke you, I love it no matter how much or little it snows!! I hope you're doing well, and enjoying your Saturday, take care!