Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm Working On Wednesday

Here's some vintage stuff I bought
recently and other treasures I'm work-
ing on from my "Fixin' To Do" list:
I bought this old bedspread at an estate
sale a couple weekends ago. A lot of
material for $12!
I bought it to make slipcovers,
so I was surprised after I washed
and dried it several times to find
it's in perfect condition.
I'm still going to cut it up, but a
stain would've made it easier!

The gray turkey is finally going
white. One more coat, then
dark wax on, dark wax off...

While I had the Swiss Coffee
paint out, my old bench got
a few coats too.
I'm giving myself 3 more days
to finish it or get rid of it.
No more storing unfinished
projects in hidey-holes...
I promised myself this when I
started purging all my boxes
and closets!
The yellow-y looking paint is
Annie Sloan's in Old White. I much
prefer the Swiss Coffee by Behr.
I bought this vintage strainer at
the same estate sale as the old

You should see Wild Bill's face
when I verbally admire the dings
and dents on this!

I love the gray-blue color. I'm going
to hang it on the kitchen cabinets.

While purging closets recently, I
found a "first Christmas" picture of
Lily (our 4-year-old grandchild).

My favorite picture of her cousin
Ben is this old "Fall at the Farm"
picture of him with his two
adoring parents.

Ben's now a "grown up" of
three and a half, and a big
brother to Olivia (8 months),
but this is still my favorite
picture of him.
Here's my favorite picture of
our older daughter's two sons,
Jack and Tucker, taken in 2008
during Thanksgiving vacation.
That year, Tucker climbed up the
bench and knocked off all the
pillows to reach the hats hanging
on the wall and some vintage
cowboy boots. We found him
all decked out.
He sure was cute!
Better go find those frames...
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The bedspread is beautiful ... and you should see MY face as I look longingly at your strainer :)

    I'll look forward to seeing the bench right-side-up It looks sweet.

    Happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful to have made a new blogging friend and look forward to more visits to Rivercrest Cottage in 2014.

  2. Great finds. The children are darling!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I heard it's been pretty nippy in Texas these days!!

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    You have the most adorable "grands". . .love those big Texas hats!!!
    I adore the vignette beneath your cloche!!!
    Thanks for sharing your great finds!!!

  4. You had some fun, and you are very brave, taking Wild Bill with you, I'm sneaking things in and out. Have fun.

  5. cannot wait to see those slipcovers!