Monday, November 4, 2013

Interior Home Store part 2

I was happy to see you enjoyed
Carol's store as much as I do...
At the front of the store is a dining room.
On the far side, the whole wall is
done with aged book pages.
 Here's some closer shots of the wall.
 This chandelier is over my budget,
but that doesn't stop me from
drooling over it...

 This wall and part of the ceiling are
 black, which makes everything stand out.
The other side of the first section of the
store is done as a living room.

This room is a medium gray.
It made me realize I'm drawn 
to darker room colors.
Next door was a very colorful
dining room using red and green.
Nothing about this room is boring.
I think it was the addition
of black that kicked the room's
vibe up about 10 notches!

 Carol's crew tied wreaths onto the
backs of the chairs with large ribbons
made out of plaid material and wire.

I couldn't pass up the large
plaid ribbons. So many ideas on how
to use them, but I'll probably just add
them to wreaths in my house.
I bought one of these nests, but 
I could use a few more.

Hoping there will be some in an after Christmas sale.



  1. What a great store! I would probably walk out of there with something {or a lot of somethings} every time! Love that chandelier.

  2. So enjoyed seeing more of this store, lots of pretties!

  3. What a great shop. Even though I am loving neutrals this year, I love that green room. It's gorgeous and the red and black really make such a statement.

  4. Riversrest Cottage,
    Exquisite home decor Shop, indeed!!!
    I attended a Christmas Open House this week that was a near match for your shop! I came away so~o~o inspired!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely vignettes and decorative accessories!
    I purchased the white bird that appears to have pinecone wings and tai (like the one on the garland)l. . .he stole my heart!!!