Sunday, November 3, 2013

Carol's Home Store

My favorite local store is
Carol's Interior Home Store
Sherman Texas.

When I don't have time to stop,
just glancing at the outside
gets me inspired.

 Everything they use to decorate
is sold inside the store.

 Open the door and you'll find
the store is set up in a variety
of rooms using the furnishings
and décor sold here!

Love the chandeliers hanging
everywhere you look.

 Everything was on sale 10 to 20%
yesterday for the Christmas
Open House party.

So many trees done up with
lights, nests, birdcages...
Then there was the de-constructed settee,
which had me at hello!

Each area had a chalkboard
giving it a name...

Even a snow capped picket fence
got dressed up for display.

I'll be back soon with more to share...

(you have to see their book-page wall)

Hope this gets you in the
decorating mood!



  1. OMG... wish I had known about this store sooner! Just brought my daughter to the dr. in Sherman. What great stuff she has. Wish I wasn't moving this week!

  2. I love the entry! So welcoming and whimsical!

  3. Oh my gosh I adored this post, my first time here, so incredible, the store is the most amazing...took me awhile to figure out where you live and where this store is...I can't tell you how inspiring all the pictures, one thing that would have put the cherry on the cake would have been if I could make the pictures bigger...I am your newest follower and I will be back again for some more inspiration, loved the post...come on over for a visit...Phyllis

  4. OMG - what a great store - thanks you for all the lovely pictures. They really put me in the mood, now I am ready to take down fall and start on Christmas.
    I am your newest follower - great post.