Monday, June 27, 2016

Mile High Pie, Oh My!

When I think of pie, my mind returns to the Blue Bonnet Cafe in the small town of Marble Falls here in Texas. 
Last month we started talking about the Blue Bonnet Cafe one morning and ended up on a 2-day trip to the "Hill Country" just to have a couple of meals at the Blue Bonnet. Yeah...We Crazy...but look: 

The people there are so friendly, it doesn't take much to feel at home. I asked if I could take pictures and the staff opened all the glass doors for me so I could get a good picture. What kind of pie do you think I ordered? I'll tell you later...

Texas Monthly magazine runs a yearly contest for Texans to vote on favorite restaurants and the Blue Bonnet Cafe wins the vote for the number one breakfast place in all of Texas, and the cafe also places in the top 10 restaurants overall. 

Photo From Blue Bonnet Cafe Website
Not bad for a little place that's been in business since 1929 and is in an out-of-the-way place like Marble Falls.
The town has literally grown up around the cafe. Every time we go there, the front yard gets smaller. The road in front has been widened to the point that you have to enter in the back door and exit out the front door. 
Here's the back door where you go in. Sometimes the line can wrap around the walkway and wind all the way out to the parking lot in back.
Around the left corner of the picture is the front of the cafe. As you're leaving, you pay at the counter right next to the front door and exit out the front door.
 The walk around the building and back to the parking lot helps you to work off a few of the calories you took in from the pie. It's a pretty walk too past bright desert flowers.

Be sure to bring cash or checks when you visit, no debit or credit cards accepted.
Inside, while waiting for a seat, there's a wall full of pictures and newspaper articles from all the years gone by. The large red ribbon in the case says 70 Years  and that ribbon is from 1989!!!

We drove to Marble Falls and had dinner at the Blue Bonnet, then found a place to spend the night high above the water. 
It was a beautiful view from our top floor hotel room, but I don't do well with heights so the table and chairs on the balcony were wasted on me. I shot this picture out the sliding glass door with all but one foot still inside the room.
The next morning, we had breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Cafe before we left town and drove further west to Fredericksburg. 

As for my pie, if you guessed lemon with the mile-high meringue, you guessed right! I enjoyed every bite of it too, nothing went to waste.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. O MY!! Don't those pies look good!! I was hacked through my public Face Book Page, Debbie-Dabble. I have taken down and deleted the Page. I am still keeping my private face book page under my name and to be able to see it , one has to send a Friend Request.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  2. Wow, that certainly did look impressive. They must be good to drive all that way just to eat one...

  3. I love places like this, I can almost taste the pie. I'm with you on heights, can't deal with them at all.

  4. That's the one I would have chosen too. : )
    Wow that meringue sure is high!!

  5. Loved this post and you have me inspired to take a little drive that way with my hubby. The cafe looks awesome and we love out of the way places like this in Texas. I guessed the lemon meringue. WOW it looks delicious!
    I don't like heights either but I can sit on a balcony towards the back if I can get over the thought of it crashing down. No leaning over the rail though. haha
    Thanks for sharing the destination. I'd love to visit Marble Falls, Texas. Have a great 4th of July!! xo

  6. Oh! I love pie!
    That looks like such a fun trip.
    I'm not big on heights either, I start to get Vertigo!
    Glad you got to enjoy that yummy pie!

  7. Lemon meringue was my choice as well, Sugar! Looks great. And I would've made that crazy trip with y'all!

  8. They must use some awesome egg whites! Looks like a great place to eat! :)

  9. What a great trip. I feel like baking a pie.

  10. Yup, I had you for a meringue girl. Me, I'd like a lemon no meringue pie. You know, the kind where they stack the filling a mile high on top of the existing filling. And I'd eat every bite too!