Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wandering The Blogasphere

I was reading a few blogs via links on blogs I usually follow and I came across one that really made me laugh.

Seems this woman and her husband were sitting at home minding their own business when a drunk took the corner by their house too fast and drove his truck into the curb by their house. Her husband went out to investigate. The drunk blacked out behind the wheel, but woke up when her husband got to the car.

The funny part was, her husband chased the guy's car down the street shouting the license plate out and yelling to this woman to write down the license plate numbers. But...she hadn't eaten breakfast and said when she got up too fast, got a head-rush, and SHE passed out on her front lawn from the excitement.

I may have a sick sense of humor because I am still laughing so hard I can barely type this. All I could think was 'I wonder what the neighbors thought?'
Check it out. I can't even make up this stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Certainly made me giggle too so I must be as sick as yourself. lmao.
    What I would give to have seen her husband chasing the car shouting out the number.....