Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Worse Cook I Ever Knew

Contrary to our family's opinion, the worse cook I ever knew is not my daughter Jaysa, but a friend name Tina. Tina was such a bad cook, her husband Chet would not eat anything she cooked.

One time I made some great fudge and I gave Tina a plate of it to take home. I worked with Chet, and several days later when Chet still hadn't commented on the great fudge, I finally asked how he liked it. Turns out he hadn't eaten any because he thought Tina was trying to trick him into eating something she made!

Phone call from Tina on Thanksgiving morning 1971:

"Sharon, do turkeys have necks?"

"yes...why do you ask Tina?"

"Because I have my hand up the turkey and I feel something long and stiff. Chet says it's a neck, but I'm not pulling it out until I know for sure!"


  1. Speaking of Thanksgiving food, can you give me your turkey carcass soup recipe? Jason made a turkey to take to his work's potluck today, so I saved the giblets and carcass for soup. JJ thinks I'm grody, but I swore to him that he'll like it.