Saturday, November 20, 2010

Excuse Me, I'm Walking Here

To the old lady with the walker who knocked me out of the way at Walmart yesterday: No, I'm NOT trying to "hold up progress" as you stated, I simply over did it a little at yoga on Wednesday.

And, to anyone who happened to be at yoga Wednesday and gave me quizzical looks on the way out: No... there is no name for the position the teacher put me in with my legs up in the air against the wall. I know you probably never seen a person in that position before, hell, neither have I. She simply felt I had had my head down way too long in the downward dog position! How was I to know she didn't mean to stay there for that long?

Anyway, long story short, don't go full throttle in yoga class when you've been gone for over a month. You may have trouble walking for a few days...


  1. I always thought yoga sounded like fun. I know how I feel when I skip my workout for a day or two. It takes a while to get back in the swing of things.

  2. I'm confused by the picture for this one.

  3. It does seem you are playing it pretty fast and loose with the photo elements.

    Holding up progress? I would love to see that security tape.

  4. Hey, my picture taking has been crimped a little lately and so I used what I had in the computer.

    I need to scan some old stuff and also get Gampy to once again show me how to download the camera.

  5. Remember when we were young and could do anything and bend like a rubber band? When and how did that change? Enjoy your Sunday!!

  6. I have this visual of you 'sitting' on the wall with back against the floor. I am SO glad she didn't tell you to hold yer breath...LOL! Slight humor there about taking things literally. The visual is getting cloudy now and picturing an encounter with an old lady with a walker boldly saying something about how you are er walking funny?
    My camera died and I don't know how to download his camera either or reload it or even shoot it!