Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Slipper Slip Up

Are these not the cutest little pink slipper-boots? They look big in the picture, but they're only a toddler size 7.

I was at my favorite store - Walmart - last week, and while I usually try to avoid the little girls section, these little slippers pulled me in. See, I raised three daughters and money was always tight back then, so I didn't get to buy them all the "girly-girl" stuff I would've liked to. Now, when I go by the little girls department, I get suckered in real easy!

Once the slippers pulled me in, these little pink "high tops" called my name too... or should I say Little Lily's name? She loves to wear tennies, even with her dresses.

Of course, next to the shoes were the little leggings and tops. At $3.50 a piece they were too cheap to pass up. Especially cute was a little black shirt with a red candy cane on it and black sparkle leggings.

I got back home and decided to put the pile into a mailing envelop so I could get it in the mail before I forgot to send them. I tried and tried, but not everything would fit. But I did get the package in the mail last Friday and I'm looking forward to seeing if the high-tops are a hit.

Unfortunately, still sitting on my table are the little slippers that started it all. I told you not everything would fit! Dang...I need to get them in the mail before they talk me into buying something else.


  1. So cute! Now go back to the store and I'll send vibes to you of what to git....HaHaaa!

  2. I know what you mean, now that I have a 7 mo. old grandaughter, after 3 grandsons. and the baby clothes are so inexpensive now. Seems like they cost alot when our kids were little, or maybe we were just broke.

  3. No, they really are dirt cheap now. Seems the brands that were the most expensive back then are the cheapest ones now.