Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ever Wished You Hadn't Asked The Questions?

Gampy: "Wow, Mary Hardin Baylor's football team blew out the final game of the season with the college in Kentucky. They're now a division three college."

Me: "What's a division three?"

Gampy: "It's the 3rd one."

Me: "yeah, but is three better or worse? one the best or is three the best?"

Gampy: "Well, there's three sizes of college. Division 1, division 2, and division 3. They are in division...."



  1. LOL! The kiss to stop anymore questions is the best!!!!

  2. We are cut from the same cloth, because I still don't get it! ;-)))

  3. What an adorable post and adorable picture!! SO sweet and hilarious. Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday...good luck with the dresser! Definitely let me know when you finish! -shaunna :)