Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mama Is Out Of Control

Gampy's cousin Harold was quite a "rounder" when he was young and gave his parents many sleepness nights. Payback is hell!

Harold's mama, Jane, is a true Texas woman with a mind of her own...even in her 80's. Here's Harold making his 10th phone call of the day trying to track down his wayward mother, who apparently wasn't answering her cell phone after she decided to drive herself up to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving with her sister's family. The 4-hour trip didn't worry her at all, but Harold was another story.

We got quite a kick out of watching Jane's once "wild" little boy call several relatives in Oklahoma trying to track his mother down and make sure she got there OK.

Making calls, checking his watch... we wonder if his mama is getting the last laugh by turning the tables on her once wayward son?


  1. What goes around comes around. Don't cha jist love it when you see the shoe is on the other foot? LOL!!! I do hope Momma got there alright.

  2. LOL!! How many times did mama sit and worry about her son?

  3. Hey, I'm just her sis and I worried too! She also had a film over her eye she did not tell me about until she got back. so Harold wasn't the only worrier!!!