Friday, December 17, 2010

Where Would We Go?

If you came to visit, where would we go? Why we'd take you to the Dock to get a mess of boiled shrimp like this...

Not a dock, but "The Dock".

Getting there is half the fun. You'd have to load up in the pickup truck like Grampy's cousin Harold, his wife Darla, Grampy, Pop, and I did one Saturday night. Notice Harold is the only one brave enough to ride shotgun when Grampy is driving!

Darla, Pop and I rode in the back seat and prayed.

You may think we're pulling your leg when we start down the back roads between the Texas and Oklahoma border. It may seem a little isolated to be heading toward a "hot spot" for dining.

You'll think we're joking when we tell you we have to line up behind that red jeep to wait for the cars on the other side of the one lane bridge to come across. Our side is Texas, the other side is Oklahoma. No one patrols this "border" either, even though both states think the other side is a strange land.

Finally the last car from the other side will come across and it'll be our turn to go.

Keep your eyes ahead and hope no one on the Oklahoma side decides they don't want to wait for our line of cars to cross. There's only room for one car to cross at a time and our big pickup barely makes it.

Don't look out the window, the bridge seems a little shaky and it's a long way down!

When we finally arrive, you'll wonder where in the world we are.

Look past the parking lot and all you can see are cow'll wonder if we're joking you. When we tell you The Dock is only open on Friday and Saturday nights and is packed if you wait to late to come, you'll think you've gone back to the 1930's.

But come inside and you'll love the food. This is no ordinary buffet. You'll find homemade bread and rolls, soups, salads, baked potatoes with the works, boiled - fried - and garlic shrimp, fried catfish, yummy fried chicken (pass me a wing please), pinto beans, and hot and fresh peach and blackberry cobbler fresh out of the oven. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Being that Darla is the smallest of the group, I didn't believe her when she said she can eat her weight in boiled shrimp. She proved to me she could!

Harold and Pop gave up and just watched Darla in amazement.

"How many plates of shrimp is that Darla?" I asked.

She's raising 3 fingers in the picture, but this wasn't the end of her feast by a long shot. Me, I was soon up at the buffet line waiting for them to switch the empty pan of peach cobbler out for a pan of hot blackberry...mmmmmmmm. I love blackberry cobbler! And I admit, I couldn't keep up with little Darla if I tried.

So, come visit. If you're brave enough to make the ride over the bridge with Grampy, there's a mess of the freshest shrimp just waiting for ya!


  1. Wait for me I am on my way. I love shrimp and blackberry cobbler!

  2. I know those one lane bridges and they are scary. Awful narrow lookin. I love breaded shrimp and cobbler too! Looks like fun.

  3. I didn't realize that I was invited--This sounds like my kinda place!!! :-))