Thursday, December 9, 2010

This Is The House For Bill

This is the house that has stolen Gampy's heart. I call it the castle on the hill. See, I really like a little Country-French farmhouse that's being built down below. The castle is done and ready to move in. The farmhouse is still being built. But "we" have ruled out the farmhouse because Gampy thinks the extra bedrooms are too small.

This house is bigger than it looks in the pictures, but is not huge like so many houses these days. Come on in and we'll take a look around...

Inside the door is a hallway. We would convert the archway to the left to a built-in bench and shelves for taking off shoes and hanging coats (a sort of mini mudroom) and wall in the archway so that the dining room would become a TV room. There's another dining area and one is enough for us. Our last house had a dining room we used once a year at Thanksgiving.

I love the doorway trim. This builder is the tops in my opinion. His wife is the interior designer and she did a lovely job. The paint is much darker than it appears. My cheapie camera seems to wash things out.

Here's what is now the dining room, but would be closed up with french doors and built in shelving and a spot to hang a TV on the wall. The chandelier is old and was redone for wiring. Love it of course.

This kitchen stole my heart. Gampy found his spot and was ready to close right then and there.

Let's get rid of the guys and focus on the kitchen. The tile is lovely and I think I could look like a real good cook here. I didn't say "would be", I said "look like". That would be enough for me.

There's a little room on the way to the master bedroom. No door, just built in office stuff. Man, I could actually get organized here...hmmm.

This picture makes the granite look "orange-y", but it's not. The decorations used for staging are not my style, but I would take care of that in an hour.

Here's the thing that won me over with this builder. We always talk about building in shelves and drawers, but never find the money or time to get it done. Imagine buying a house where the builder thought of everything for you. That's why I love this builder/designer team.

Maybe a castle on a hill is just what I need too. My big fear is who is going to mow all that grass since it sits on a corner...lots of mowing and edging...and I usually end up with that job! What do you think? I'll show the farmhouse next time even tho it's already crossed off the list. There is a special wall I want to show you.


  1. I think the house is beautiful!! Lots of features there that I would love to have.

  2. Love the little office with built-in desk.

  3. A beautiful castle fit for a queen my lady. I love it! Hire a nice person to cut the grass!! A queen shouldn't have to think of those maintenance things.

  4. I love the house too! I think it's got great features with lots of space and I am envious of any kitchen that makes someone look like a cook! :-)

  5. Great house. Love the built-ins in the closet and teh little desk cove. Very cute! Let's see the other one too, that Bill crossed off the list. Just curious...

  6. This is a very cute house! hope all goes well with the purchase. Love it.