Monday, June 15, 2015

Favorite Stairway, Favorite House

If I had a stairway...
I would paint words like this one.
 Our builder left plenty of room in our attic to
build a bonus room, but we would have to give
up our office nook to put in a stairway.

The stairway in these pictures was from a house
tour we did a while back.  

I still drool over pictures of that house...
especially the kitchen.

Remember it?

 I still love that mix of wood, white,
greenish blue, and granite.

It's raining again here in Texas this week.
Love that too.

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  1. I can see why you love that house! The words on the stairs are awesome and the kitchen is so pretty.

    Pouring here in Rockwall this morning and wow it's steamy!

  2. I just love those stairs!!! How beautiful and what a special message for someone to see each time they walk on them. Love that house also...great colors! Have a wonderful day!

  3. What a brilliant idea! A Blessing from above (not the attic).

  4. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Sugar. . .that stairway is precious!!!
    I can just imagine the "pitter~patter" of children's feet evening and morning as the gander along each step!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. What a sweet idea! A great way to personalize your home.

  6. I like the idea too of writing on the stairs-good idea

  7. Loving our rainy weather and this staircase

  8. I do not regret ever selling our two story house and downsizing to our little cottage. But, I do wish I had a stairway to paint words upon.

  9. Beautiful message on the stairs....I agree, wow, what a kitchen! Please send some of your rain our way... :)

  10. Those stairs are beautiful and the message is so true. That is a very pretty kitchen too. The colors pull me right on in.

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend... :)

  11. The stairs are beautiful! I've seen this done in a few home shows. Just finished going to this years Home Shows yesterday. Always fun to see the new trends. Navy blue was the new hot color! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Truly fantastic! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to this week's party. Hope to see you again at the little blue soiree. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  13. The Weekly Feature Series is live which you are apart of. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse