Sunday, July 12, 2015

Two Great Store Experiences

We made a trip to an Apple Store the other day.
Our town has a franchise ATT store, Best Buy,
and other stores that sell Apple products, but we
drove 40 miles down to a large mall in Frisco
Texas because Wild Bill believes they have the
latest and greatest in models of Apple products.
Turns out they do!

The Apple Store's sales staff was highly trained
 and knowlegable and seemed happy to let us look
over their products, hold them, and play with them.

After spending 25 minutes with us explaining
the benefits of each product, the sales associate
even recommended we go upstairs to an ATT
"corporate" store to buy our IPAD Mini 3 as he
 felt the ATT corporate store would be able to give
us a better analysis of all the plans ATT offers.
This, in fact, did save us a lot of money on our
monthly phone service!

The Apple Store's staff doesn't work on commission,
they just want you to buy Apple products. I even
offered to buy the IPAD Mini 3 from them, but they
felt we would get a better deal buying the IPAD
Mini 3 and "connectivity" at the same time at ATT.

We also found that going to a corporate store
instead of our local franchise ATT store made all
the difference in the world. Once again, seemed
the staff was just so much better trained.

Our salesclerk quickly ran through the best options
 with us and put Wild Bill's phone on a "Go-Phone"
 option instead of doing away with it as we had
planned. He pays 10 cents a minute by pre-paying
a minimum of $25 -- no more monthly service fee!
He seldom uses his cell phone, and doesn't text,
so this was his best option. When he needs more
minutes, he buys another $25's worth.

I just want to give a shout out to these two stores.
We are so use to bad customer service these days
that finding two stores with a sales staff this
good was a shock, as well as a pleasure.

No money, no nothing...was paid or
given to me for this endorsement.
I'm just one satisfied customer saying:

"Well done ATT and the Apple Store"

Thanks for dropping by!




  1. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Well stated!!!
    Customer service does appear to be a "lost art", dear friend!!!
    Glad you had a pleasant experience!!!
    we feel the same about our COX Communications Store locally!!! AND. . .they appear to be able to answer our "senior" questions with tenderness!!!
    Have a great week ahead!!!

  2. Just back from vacation and enjoying catching up on your posts. Yes, I've been a fan of the Apple store ever since they replaced an iPad that had seen a little too much love from my daughter. I also enjoyed your post on Wild Bill scaring the birds away-- we have similar problems with pigeons, and my husband carries the cat around outside to intimidate them away. :)

    1. Vicki, he may need to man up and get a pink BB gun to really scare them! ;-}

  3. We're Apple people and we usually buy directly from them, except for my I-Phone, i bought that from ATT.

  4. Great post.

    xoxo ♥

  5. Great customer service? That is a shock. A pink BB gun? LOL!!!

  6. I'm so glad that your experiences were great in these stores. I know that they are both popular and stay crowded, especially in the Frisco area! Have a great day!

  7. You just don't find good customer service anymore. Good for ATT and the Apple Store.

  8. Its nice to be able to give a big company a compliment for a change :-)

  9. I'm so happy to read that you got great customer service. It is indeed a lost art.
    I think by NOT having people work on commission, it makes for a better experience. I know that when I had to work for a commission years ago, it gave me a sense of panic. That I had to meet my goal and sell sell sell!
    I just wasn't cut out for that. Selling what people don't need. But I actually ended up doing quite well, when I relaxed and just made sure the customer was happy. It made for a lot of repeat clients!

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