Friday, October 27, 2017

Dollar Tree Scary Pictures

By the time I was able to make a trip to the local Dollar Tree store, the scary pictures I talked about in a post a while back were mostly sold out. I was able to buy a few that they had left.

This bloody mess turns into a nice looking vintage gent when you bend the paper picture (as I did here) or change your position to him by walking past him if he's hanging on the wall.

I didn't have time to put his picture in an old frame before I left on a recent road trip, so I placed him on the chalkboard to get him to stand up straight and not bend. 

That purple ring with bells and ribbon hanging with the cups is meant to hang on a door knob. Nothing practical about it! Just something to add a little cheer and jingle to let you know if a ghost comes through your door!

While the scary photos were mostly sold out at the store, there were dozens of the door knob hangers left in various colors of orange, lime-green, purple, and black. Like everything at Dollar Tree, they were $1 a piece, which I thought was a good buy. 

The jingling bells of the door knob hangers would make a cute addition to a holiday wreath for Halloween, or even for Christmas. 

The lime-green, black, and even the purple ones, seem like they would fit in with Christmas decor these days, as long as your decorations are done in a fun or comical way!

These two evil-doers could add a little Halloween drama to your windows and mirrors! The witch and Count Dracula just lift right off the white plastic backing, and they adhere to any smooth flat surface. 

The great thing is, they are reusable. I stuck the witch on the mirror in our powder room, and she looked like she was staring right out of the mirror at me. 

It was too dark in the powder room to take a photo of her creepy stare, so I moved her out to a window, smoothed out the air bubbles with my hands, and took a photo of her on the window.

The dark solar screens we use on our windows here in Texas (to reflect the strong sunlight) really show up as wavy lines in photos when you take an "up close" picture of them.

Here's a photo of the Count in the window next to the one with the witch...

You'll have to take my word for it! In person they both look like they're kind of floating outside looking in. Here's Count Dracula in a close up...

Truthfully, I bought them a little too late for Halloween decorating this year, but I'll bring them out early next fall and have more time to enjoy them.

I inadvertently got a clearer (but smaller) photo of the witch in this window when I took a photo of a glass cake plate to text to one of the daughters to see if she needed one.

Luckily she did need one, and though she would prefer a white bottom stand, this one was free...and free is almost always good! Our road trip included a stop at her house, so it got packed up and delivered just in time for a Halloween cupcake display.

Here's a better view of the cake stand where you can see the top and bottom together. Just squint a little and you won't see that darn TV at all!

Remember, everything is $1 at the Dollar Tree...You won't find any price tags there because of that! 

All opinions expressed here are my own, and I paid a whopping one dollar for each of the Dollar Tree items shown here! I featured their products here because I love that Dollar Tree is actually a true $1 store.

The cake stand is something I've had for a while and is not from the Dollar Tree store. I've collected a few cake stands over the years, and I'm currently trying to downsize my junk "collections" by passing things on to family members when they express an interest. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Sounds like a fun store I imagine very similar to our pound shops, where everything is a pound. Love the cake stand.

  2. You have so many fun Halloween decorations.

  3. Those pictures are creepy. Don't think I'd want them in my home. : )
    The cake stand is very pretty and just for a dollar, can't beat that!!

  4. I've also been in the 99c stores in the States but a great deal of their stuff isn't 99 cents which is a little irritating and I don't think the quality is as good either. As mentioned before we don't celebrate Halloween, but if I did I go for something a bit less scary than your pictures!

  5. Great Halloween decorations. Good find at the Dollar Tree. I like the cake stand., I have quite a few of them and would love to give them to my friends. Now I have to see who likes what.

    Have a wonderful fun Halloween.


  6. Those old pictures are amazing...and scary! I bought two of them, the man and the woman. I did not see the witch or Dracula. Wish I had. I did buy one of the dollar crows that clips on, and one of the old ragged looking black curtains. I've put it all in the old cupboard on the front porch. I'll have to take a picture and post it. I was shocked at all the really good Halloween decorations at Dollar Tree.

    1. My favorite part of your post was the photo of your husband and you in your honeymoon days. Great picture and great trip down memory lane.

  7. Very fun post! You might enjoy linking up over at the Hauntingly Beautiful Decor Link Party! Have a great Halloween!

  8. Oops forgot the link!

  9. That first picture is super scary. Halloween is not my favorite holiday!

  10. Those vintage/creepy photos are the best! Such a cute idea to put them on the mirror! Happy Halloween! xx

  11. I love Dollar Tree too! You never know what you'll find there. Love to get greeting cards there.

    Those creepy scary pictures are awesome!