Thursday, October 5, 2017

Rustic Decor

Are you smitten with rustic decor? I've been gathering up rustic home decor ever since I first laid eyes on Ralph Lauren's Home Fashions. 

I'll buy anything plaid or with animals when I see it. This Pottery Barn plaid throw and dog pillow were on sale this past weekend.

PotteryBarn Fall Decor 2017

I've realized lately that a lot of my rustic stuff is hidden away because I never found the right place for it. 

Here's a rusty sign when I saw it in a shop in 2011 and had to have it! I still haven't found the right spot for it, but I'm still looking.

With all the rustic decor I've collected up, I guess I'm hoping for a cabin in the mountains someday. I think North Carolina would suit me well.

I often pretend to visit a shop in Greenville NC called "We Took To The Woods" by staying on their blog and Facebook page way too long! 

I borrowed a couple of their photos to show you why I'm hooked.

We Took To The Woods on Facebook

I wouldn't even have to go into the shop (that's a lie, but pretend with me) if I could just sit outside on their lawn and stare at all their rustic curb appeal.
We Took To The Woods on Facebook

A blogging friend who lives in North Carolina has a log cabin in the woods not far from Greenville. I envy her. Last week she showed her followers her wonderful living room with a couple of deer heads up high on the wall. I was in love! 

Of course I had to give her an idea or two...remember, rustic is my thing! 

I said if that was my room, that large deer head would be on the brick fireplace, front and center! How was I to know it would cause them so much trouble? 

Seems her husband liked the idea as much as she and I did, so off to town he went (the first of many trips) for masonry screws and such. She emailed about the all day fiasco my little suggestion caused and, while I should've felt bad, my tears were from laughing, not crying.

Seems the wall got gouged, hubs might've cursed me a time or two, and at the end of the day, the deer head still didn't get hung! I've asked her to please share the story with her readers and, when she does, I'll provide you a link.

As I read the email to Wild Bill, with a look of astonishment all he could say was..."You're giving decorating advice???" 

Well now, see...I guess he doesn't like rustic decor.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I have to say I'm not into rustic decor either, but for the right place it does look good, just not my place. Well actually it probably would look good in our place as it's over a 100 years old but I'm into glass and chrome. :D

  2. I'm not much into rustic, but if we had a cabin in North Carolina, which we've been threatening to do, I might change my mind.

  3. Thanks Sugar for the visit this morning. I love the fall cool mornings and warm sunny afternoons. Hugs.

  4. I love rustic décor and that blog looks so inviting - I'll have to check it out. A cabin in the North Carolina woods sounds wonderful....I love the deer head story, too. Hey, it was a great idea - not your fault they couldn't execute! haha! Hope you have a nice week in the October sunshine. Hugs xo Karen

  5. So good to see you over at my blog today. I am getting back in the groove of blogging. I love your rustic style and your post today makes me want it to get cold. That plaid throw looks super cozy!!!!

  6. I love your decor, and so happy to get a glimpse into your "decorating advice". My husband would have asked if they paid me or is this another volunteer position. Enjoy your purchases.

  7. Oh, I am so glad I didn't miss this post! First though, North Carolina would be perfect for you two. Come on down! When I started reading, I thought, is this me, Sugar is writing about! You have made me laugh! That shop in Greenville is beautiful and looks like your decorating. I've just noticed your motto for the first time. You are so funny. Oops! Poppy wants to get in bed, that means I need to move out of the way. Thank you! :)

    1. You gave yourself away, Henny! I hope Poppy has recovered and is wiling to try again with mounting the deer head on the brick fireplace. It is such a regal and beautiful deer head. Hope you like We Took To The Woods. If you go to Greenville maybe one of your daughters will go to that store with you. Let me know if you do.