Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New Arrival

After an all-nighter and 3 hours of pushing with no progress, the doctor encouraged Jaysa and Mike to have a C-section. Mike and the baby were sent to the nursery where I was able to get the first picture of Baby Ben through the nursery window.

Here's some shots from today after he's been able to gussy up a little and get a feel for all the new faces staring at him. He's 7 pounds 12 oz with the longest big toes ever. Of course he's adorable.

Grandma Nancy held his feet while I snapped some shots of those toes. He balled them up before we got a good shot, but his big toe is twice as big as his other toes on each foot.

Mom, Dad, and Baby are all doing well. Sister Dee is staying with friends and has quite a surprise when she gets home.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. He's so cute!

  2. Loving the pictures! We are so happy for all of you & cannot wait to meet Ben. By the way, this is Mike & Jaysa's friend, Allison. Please send them our love & give Ben plenty of kisses from us!