Friday, February 5, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

Ben, today is your due date and the first thing you'll see is the face of your Daddy. I was thinking you may wonder who he is. Well, first of all we have to discuss your Mama. Mama likes to take it easy and eat chips. She always has and always will. That's why your Mama was smart enough to pick your Daddy for her husband. You see, your Daddy is the active one who will make sure you get your share of the adventures in life. He does that for your Mama and everyone he comes in contact with, and he will do that for you.

Your Daddy is not one to sit around and play bongo drums and explore his navel. Nope, that's not him.

He's the one that gets everyone up and dancing by leading the conga line!

He knew someday you would join his life, and he knew he had to prepare as best he could. So here are some of the things he's done to prepare for you.

He's learned to talk baby talk...

He's explored the ocean to make sure it's a safe place to take you (and obviously he's checked his goods along the way to make sure he was protecting them as best he could for your conception)...

He's practiced being the disciplinarian by keeping the younger family siblings in line...

He's practiced being a cowboy so he'll be able to tell you stories of cattle drives and nights beneath the stars until your old enough for him to take you along...

He's wined and dined the older siblings, not so much because he enjoyed it, but so he can be on the lookout in the years to come for family members who might try to be a bad influence on you when you're in your late teens

He's put on a few pounds during the pregnancy so your Mama didn't have to. It was a sacrifice, but someone had to keep the bad stuff out of the kitchen!

No man wants to be the only male at a baby shower, but he was a champ. He joined in and pretended that he'd rather be there than out playing a round of golf with your Grandfather. I even heard him try to guess the answer to a game or two, now that took real courage with all the women calling out their answers as loud as possible.

He's almost worn a path in the carpet practicing pushing your stroller, so I hope you get here soon.

You can't ask for a better father. He's all prepared as you can see...

...and Ben, you'd better hurry because poor Dee can't take much more of this!


  1. I love that picture of Jaysa. It's true: she does like to take it easy and eat chips. And the stuff with Mike is pretty cute. Ben is a lucky boy to have such a good set of parents!