Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Have To Wonder...

Jaysa (Chicago-land daughter) and Mike have never bought dining room furniture for their dining room because Jaysa hasn't found a set she likes at a decent price. She says she would like a big table and chairs for the dining room. So, I tell her (and use my laptop to show her the before and after's) about the table and 6 chairs I bought on Craig's List for $75. Jaysa states she doesn't think there are good deals around her area, so I jump on Craig's list and quickly find a 6-foot-solid-wood trestle table for $90. Jaysa and Mike "likey", so Mike calls and makes an appointment for tomorrow morning to see/buy the table.

This post is not so much about the wonder of Craig's List and the miraculous "before and afters" of furniture fix-ups you see around blogland. This post is about all the people who are somewhat confused about how to advertise their wares on Craig's List. Here are two examples:

First ad states: Nearly new Crate and Barrel table and chairs.

Then the seller proudly states the table "folds up" for easy storage. The only picture provided is below.

Did you find the table? Yep, it's the black thing in the middle. But, what does it look like when you're using it? What do the chairs look like?

Number two is an ad, and I swear this is how it's listed:

Dining Room Set/No chairs!


So, I go to the picture and this is what you find:

Ok, so you told us there are no chairs with your "set", but you forgot to mention no table either! I think someone mixed up Craig's List for!


  1. What a funny story. I take it you won't be making an offer on that "table". I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the bed. I think your idea for the faux tin tiles would be fabulous. That would, of course, make it taller, but can you imagine the drama? I hope you go for it and when you do, please share your pictures. I would love to see it.

  2. Oh I know what it's like wanting something and can't find what your looking for then not knowing if what you found if it's it or not, lol. I have not been on Craig's list, can you believe that? I am hoping for your daughter. Now the two examples made me say WHAAA? That was ah hoot to see the black like box for the table. The girl maybe wants a set in her diningroom, didn't see one hah! Have ah great weekend!!