Friday, February 5, 2016

Artwork By Blogger Cindi Myers

Back in October, I was reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, Old Black Cat Boo, which is written by artist Cindi Myers. Right there and then, I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas...and here it is:
Artwork by Cindi Myers

Now, besides being an artist and working all day at an animal care facility, Cindi has a tribe of animals at home who share her life and love. The antics of Cindi's tribe are often captured in her artwork. 

Many of Cindi's stories warm my heart, but sometimes they break it. Losing an animal is something a lot of us never get over, and it makes us hesitant to put our heart out there again. But, unlike me, Cindi is courageous enough to shelter her beloved rescue animals while knowing that, when you take in the neglected and abused among them, loss is a large part of the story. 

The post on Cindi's blog that touched my heart was about how her little mutt, Jimmy Chew, had managed to spill the dog food for the "gang" while Cindi was at work. Along with the story was a picture of Jimmy Chew wearing a hoodie. 
Photo by Cindi Myers

I cracked up at that innocent face knowing what a scamp he was. Then I asked (OK...maybe begged) Cindi to create a piece of art to capture the "incident" and that hoodie-wearing face.

Hope you'll take a minute to travel over to Cindi's blog and view some of her artwork and enjoy a story or two. You can click here to see how Cindi created this ARTWORK and here is the post on Cindi's blog about Jimmy Chew and the spilled dog food. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh Sharon!
    Now I'm trying not to cry.
    What a sweet post, you are too kind.
    I'm so very glad that you are happy with the painting.
    Thank you for your kind words!

  2. What a fun story! Love the cute puppy!!

    what a wonderful post about a truly gifted artist and simply a golden hearted girl.
    to rescue the 'throw aways' the way she does. and to help support them with her art... they all require some kind of special food... but oh the love they give in return.
    and... the sheer HILARITY! LOLOLOL!
    like jimmy chew. i tell you. when i saw him in that hoodie that day i nearly lost it. i did literally LOL!!!
    this is a wonderful post.
    i did one about her too ... a couple of years ago. and i have her art too.
    it's such a pleasure to support wonderful artists like her.
    and to know she's also simply a sweetheart!
    the world needs more cindi's!

  4. Tammy, I agree with you whole-heartedly. It frustrates me to know how great Cindi's work is, but it doesn't get the exposure it should. I hope everyone who follows her will help feature her and her artwork. I've told her someday I'm going to brag about having one of the famous Cindi Myers' original artwork.

  5. How cute, had to go and read the story.

  6. Sharon this is a wonderful post, lightening the heart and showing us the world still has really good souls carrying on quietly with their good work. The world needs more like Cindi to keep us smiling.

  7. Sharon, that Jimmy Chew is the cutest thing I've seen lately! The painting is so cute! I did enjoy visiting her blog...and will be going back. Aren't we fortunate to have caring people like Cindi! Love this post!

  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    A d o r a b l e!!!

  9. He is soooooo cute! Love the painting too :)

    She really is a good person to take in those babies. I couldn't do it, because I wouldn't be able to let them go and I'd have a heard of dogs lol

    Love the painted bucket and your comment "because why leave it simple when you can complicate the hell out of it" is how I am too :)


  10. So glad you have a gorgeous artwork of sweet Jimmy Chew Chew!
    Cindi's work is beautiful - as beautiful as she is!

  11. Such a sweet post. He is so adorable and the painting is s treasure. So talented.

  12. Jimmy Chew wearing in hoodie is really handsome guy ;) A lot of girls prefer such bad boys ))) And as I see he is repented.