Friday, April 29, 2016

Five On Friday

Hey, happy Friday! I'm joining Five On Friday at Love Made My Home.  

The Interior Home Store had a clearance sale last weekend. I bought two bunches of faux ivy (1) and stuck them in with the bunny until I find a better home. I have a brown thumb, so this faux stuff looks healthier than anything I could grow.
The silver bunny (2) was only $5...marked down from $29...and there was two of them. I only bought one and have kicked myself all week.  
Behind the bunny is a little cabinet (3) I've been torturing on and off for a while. Today I decided it needed a bit of knocking and pinching with a hammer and some pliers. 
 It had a little doo-dad front that made it looked old and dated, but not in a good way! Here it is with that piece removed. It was like an exercise program pulling the wire staple thingys out that held the little wood piece in.
 It needs more work and paint. Maybe I'll add some extra shelves and use it for a spice rack. I'm waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be. So far, it isn't very talkative, but a few more whacks with the hammer might loosen its tongue...
Since we're talking about painting anyway, let's talk paint fails. In an effort to not paint everything white, I painted this old bookcase (4) a linen color. It really just fades right into the wall color doesn't it? 
 And (5) I rounded up all my paint and painting supplies (brushes, waxes, stencils) and used a mish-mash of baskets to temporarily sort it all out. 
Once I get the stuff all separated, I'll trade them out for matching baskets to clean up the look.

Well, that's Five On Friday. We've been having tornado warnings for several days. Hoping it passes soon. Stay safe.

Thanks for dropping in!

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  1. I really DO like the shelf and the organizational system you've devised with those baskets! What a great look & concept...

    Hope your weather settles down and your weekend is productive and/or restful.

  2. I love the shelves and the eclectic mix of storage, it looks amazing. Great bargains too, loved the rabbit.

  3. I rather like that the shelves blend it. And yes, you definitely should have bought the other bunny too, the one will get lonely.

  4. LOLOL!
    I'm sorry but you really cracked me up with your torture methods of trying to make that little cabinet talk!
    Love the basket idea, which I might need to steal it as I try to purge some of my art stuff. The remaining items need some organization!
    Please stay safe during that weather!

    (ps, I followed your "don't complain, don't explain" motto this week and it worked wonderfully! Thank you! xoxo)

  5. Are the bunnies chocolate molds? That is a great price!!
    Like the shelf with the baskets the way it is. A nice variety of shapes and sizes.

  6. Hello from southern California. It's so nice to meet you via Five on Friday! I loved seeing your plants and also the lovely shelf you have renewed with the baskets. What a great idea! I do hope you have a lovely weekend and wish you the very best for the upcoming week. Hugs, Pat

  7. Well I hope your safe and sound. And I hate when I only buy one of something when I should have just bought both. The bunny is cute I adore bunnies. Cute little shelve. Happy weekend with love Janice

  8. I want to kick you too for not buying that other bunny, they are wonderful. And so are your mismatched baskets. Stay safe. Hide someplace and paint.

  9. Hi Sharon
    Your $2 bunny is a great find!
    You're very handy with that hammer and it seems you have a good supply of DIY paints and brushes too.
    It all looks very tidy to me - I like a bit of mismatch!!!
    Thank you for your visit and for following me - I've joined yours too!

  10. You made me laugh with the thought of torturing a piece of furniture! It turned out really well and looks great!! I don't think I have a brown thumb but I can totally appreciate the idea of combining faux and real plants in interior decorating, faux can be very useful can't it. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you have had a fun weekend!

  11. Oo, that looks great - in fact I love the eclectic mix of baskets, and all nicely labelled too, just how I would like to be, but struggle to achieve sometimes!!
    Caz xx

  12. What a lovely display. Your bunny and ivy is so adorable. I love the silver bunny too. Is it metal? Is it a replica of the cast iron bunny (or lamb) cake molds used at Easter? I love them. So unique for decorating. So charming.

  13. I love both bunnies and the way you have organised all your things in baskets on the shelves. Have a lovely week:)

  14. The baskets with the labels look wonderfully organized and pretty besides.

  15. I would have only bought one bunny too, so don't kick yourself too hard! lol I am sure your shelf will loosen up soon, it does look better with that header thingy gone. (technical female diy term there, like it?) If it still not talking to ya, maybe install a dowel rod above each shelf to hold dishes or platters in place and then its like a charming hutch that can be hung on the wall. Have a great day!

  16. I love your shelving system! I need one of those. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!