Saturday, April 2, 2016

LaurieAnna's April Trade Days

The weekend is April's First Monday Trade Days in Canton TX. They're open tomorrow in case you're local. 
We took a ride down. They're only open 4 days a month, on the weekend (Thursday through Sunday) before the first Monday of the month. Some of the Fall-like ribbon was 50% off. I bought the pheasant ribbon above figuring it will be 4th of July and then Fall before you know it.
I bought these little square plates to hold tea cups on the end table. Sorry for the poor picture, it was already dark when I started taking pictures tonight.
I couldn't pass up these thin wooden tags. At $9 for the package of 24, it was too good a deal to ignore.

 The little metal and wood sheep and pig heads I bought for the kitchen cabinets to hang dish towels to dry. 
I love to walk through LaurieAnna's and see how they stage their merchandise. If you can't visit them this weekend, you can always visit them on Facebook.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love what you got!! And I would love to walk through LaurieAnna's!!

  2. How cool!
    I love everything you got, but especially the sheep head. :)
    I used to have a duck head for my towels but it got broken as many things in my home do! LOL!
    Sounds like a fun day!

  3. Neat! I immediately went there...they really have some fun stuff. I love everything you bought.

  4. You got some great goodies! Loving that little sheep & pig!

  5. Wow! All looks adorable. You have a good collection...

  6. You found some wonderful them all!

  7. Very neat, I'm going to visit on facebook, right now.

  8. Such pretty finds. I really love the bird ribbon, and those animal knobs for towels are so cute!

  9. Hi Sharon! thanks for stopping by my blog. I like my blue funnel too. And am also liking the wooden tags you picked up here! It's just fun finding stuff! Have a great remaining weekend. ~Joyce

  10. The sheep and piggy heads are just the thing to make a kitchen cozy and personal. Love them!

  11. I love that store. I've only been there once as I don't get out to Canton that often. How fun that you made the trip.