Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daughter's Built-In Bench Update

The on-going saga of our middle daughter's closet "mud-room" got another project done while we were visiting last December. 
I'm hoping she will be able to provide pictures of it painted someday soon (hint, hint, Jaysa!) but for now, I'm just showing what we were able to complete before we had to leave.
Wild Bill took a little saw with him to cut boards since he doesn't like to depend on Lowe's or Home Depot to cut boards when he needs a perfect cut. 

This little Rockwell Compact Circular Saw cut some big, thick boards (as you can see to the left of the pictures above) so he highly recommends it. He bought it for around $85 and, while there are other similar little saws, this is just the one he favors and is not an ad for them. He has big saws and such at home, but we were traveling and this little saw accomplished so much.

There was an unfortunate accident with a drill and a thumb during framing. I tried to find a picture of the framing Wild Bill did for the bottom of the bench, but unfortunately all pictures at this stage had some drips of red that I had to crop out of the picture as best I could...

As you can see he created a frame, then added a slab of MDF board to create a surface for storage baskets under the seat. Next he added six 4x4's he cut into posts to support the bench seat and topped that with another slab of MDF.  His measurements started with how high the bench needed to be for seating and how much space the opening needed to be to fit 12 inch baskets under the seat with room to slide in and out easily. 
Jaysa plans to add a board that will have cushioning and fabric attached, so the quality of the top board didn't matter. Also, she will be adding trim to the bench before she primes and paints it. The trim will match the trim on the upper shelves. Here's some pictures of that as it was being added previously:

Here's a "before the built-in bench" picture...
And here's an "after the built-in bench" picture with Jaysa showing how sturdy it is.
You'll notice all the various shades of paint on the wall outside the closet. Every wall in that little area has about 15 colors on it. We are very indecisive when it comes to choosing our wall paint colors!

This is the closet when we first started the project last year. If you're interested in seeing the original post, click here.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I know that thumb must be sore now. I love how the closet turned out!!

  2. What a great use of a closet. Your husband sounds like mine, when we'd drive to see our daughter he'd always take tools so he could have a project to work on while we talked.

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Wild Bill is going to have to be more careful, in the near future, dear friend!
    Ouch! That looks as if it hurts terribly!
    I'm loving your daughter's new bench!
    Once it's complete, it will be fabulous!

  4. Poor thumb. My spouse has hurt his thumb several times the last time he knew when his last tetnus was! It's a nice looking bench. He did a great job! I think I have the same purse :) if not, very similar. xoox Su

  5. This is great, it looks good and it will be so useful.

  6. Hola amiga querida !! Ese lugar para guardar cosas le quedo fant√°stico ,, me encanta el fondo negro

  7. That bench is fantastic. What a great project. So sorry about the drill accident. Yikes. That looks like it hurt.

  8. Dangerous work :-) But worth it.

  9. I love the stripes and bummer about the thumb!

  10. Loving this idea, all that great storage totally maximized. Your hubby did a great job, sorry to hear about his thumb. Hope it fees better!