Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One Month Away

Last April, we put new plants in the planting beds around our house. This is one of the sage plants that was just starting to bloom when we put them in.
Although I love Winter, I'm getting excited about seeing the flowers come back to Texas this year. Here's some lovely landscaping we saw while out and about the state the past few Summers.

 Taking out lawn and putting in planting beds, or even wide walkways, is always on the top of our list. Watering lawns here in Texas gets costly around mid-July until midway through the Fall.
I love the wide driveways and wide walkways that go a long way towards reducing the need for grass. This sweeping one from the street corner to the front door is my favorite.
Just a few more weeks and we'll be seeing everything blooming again. I'm sure you're looking forward to it too. And, if you're not looking forward to watering your lawn this year, you might think about buying fake  faux grass for your yard. 

Would you believe the only real grass in this post is in this picture below?

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Like you I love winter...but always am happy to see spring starting since I do love being and working in my gardens.....

  2. I'm not terribley fond of winter, but it happens, I live in Canada. I'm so thrilled to be seeing signs of spring, my crocus' are up and blooming, and I think our neighborhood rabbit must have moved, no munching happening. I really don't mind if he snacks, but last spring he feasted.

  3. P.s. Happy Easter weekend to you both.

  4. Love all of the brick work! We are planning a brick patio project for this spring! Great post!
    xoxo Mickey

  5. I love the promise of plants and spring!!

  6. Pretty ideas- I'm thinking about reducing the need for grass here in my So. Cal. yard, too. Right now I'm like you & just enjoying spring!

  7. I am so happy to see a little green on the trees and flowers starting to bloom. I noticed our pink azaleas are beginning to bloom. I love to drive through town, especially down main street, and look at the beautiful yards.

  8. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Since our New Front Porch has been finished, I'm ready to visit some local garden Centers and Nurseries, too!
    Next week, as our schedule clears some, we have several custom railing services coming for bids! Seem to need railings once your reach "Mr. Ed" and my age! (wink!)
    These photos are truly, inspiration!
    Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

  9. Hi dear Sharon!!! Que bueno la llegada de la primavera,,,Espero que tenga un bendecido happy easter

  10. Pretty photos! I'm excited about spring as well.

  11. This makes me laugh a little bit!
    My front yard was ALL flowers (it's a tiny yard) and I dug it all up a couple of years ago and put down grass seed. I was spending a huge amount of time weeding and such and the lawn is so much easier.
    But these yards are lovely and I can understand how expensive it would be to water them.

    I've thought about laying down artificial grass over the patio/potty area before. Hmmm.
    I wonder if it would trap the urine smell or if I could just spray it with disinfectant and hose it down like I do now?
    Great post!
    and Thank you for your comment to me. I'm still thinking about it. XOXOXOXO
    Have a great weekend!