Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Walt Disney, My Sister Cindy, And One Lucky Squirrel

My sister Cindy was born on Walt Disney's birthday. I'm not sure if that's why she is fascinated with all things Disney, but let me tell you she is a FAN.

Yeah...right...who isn't you say? Well, just listen to her story. 
About 4 years ago, on the way home from yet another Disney World vacation, Cindy talked her husband and three college-age children into moving to Orlando Florida. Yep. She did.

So they went home and sold their house here in Texas and moved lock, stock and barrel to be near Disney World. The kids all got part-time jobs at Disney World and life settled down.

Cindy bought a year-round, premium pass and was in heaven -- Disney heaven that is. She went to Disney World a lot.
Until all the family members got tired of going to play at Disney World on every day off.  Cindy would beg and plead, whine and cry...but no one wanted to go with her any more. What's a girl...a 50-something-year-old do?
Well, Cindy pulled up her big girl pants last year and went and knocked on Disney's door. Turned in an application and got hired! She's now a Monorail Pilot and loves it. People, this proves it's never too late to follow your dreams! Or, as the song says,    Dreams Really Do Come True...


Previously I thought the video Cindy sent me was of her, but she was just sending me an old video of another driver's action. Sorry for my confusion and my error linking the story. 

I corrected the last paragraph below to correct the story.
Recently my sister Cindy sent me a link to an old video of another Monorail Pilot, also named Cindy, who slowed her monorail down to a crawl to keep from hurting a squirrel. 

If you watch til the end, you will see the poor little squirrel fling itself down panting from his ordeal.

Here's a link to the incident of the squirrel holding up the other Cindy's monorail. 

Thanks for dropping by!

P.S.  I was born on Einstein's birthday, but I can't do math at all so I don't think they'll let me become a mathematician any time soon!


  1. That's funny, I have a cousin in Oklahoma and she and her husband spend as much time in DisneyWorld as they can. I've never seen the attraction, not a fan of amusement parks at all.

    1. I don't get it either. I lived in Tampa when Disney World opened and I went there one time. I'd love to go with the grandkids, but otherwise not interested.

  2. This really is amazing. Talk about not giving up! And having a husband who would do that! Can you imagine going to work every day at Disney World! Sounds like a good job to me. That so funny about you being born on Einstein's birthday and doing math!! :)

  3. Henny, I screwed up. Cindy just sent me the link to video and I assumed it was her. It's not, so I corrected the post. Re her husband, yes, he got qualified as a Flight School Training Instructor due to his love of flying and that's why he was willing to go to Florida so easily. He wants to buy a flight school someday and Florida has lots of them.

  4. Hi dear Sharon,, yo he ido con mis niños muchas veces a Disney World , y es muy entretenido ,,
    espero que tengas un buen fin de semana cariños

  5. What an amazing video. Can you imagine how scared that squirrel had to be?? Congrats to your sister for following her dream. xo