Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fixin' To Do List: White Wednesday

Wednesday again! Here's what I painted white this week...

All four of these victims were painted with Fusion Paint in the color Limestone. It's a warm white color I fell in love with while stalking Linda's furniture makeovers at her blog, Q is for Quandie.

TIP: Notice the sandwich baggies turned upside down under the cap? I've found there's less of a chance that your cap will stick (due to paint on the rim) if you put a baggie over the jar and then screw the cap on top of it.

This metal bin originally started out yellow. I bought a few of them in several sizes about 8 years ago. I like the bin much better now that it's a chalky white.

Same goes for this little basket. The yellow tone is gone now and it will get some dark wax this week.

Walmart sells these little baskets for a few dollars, but the colors are like Easter egg colors. You can tone them down with a little chalk paint so they don't stick out like a sore thumb.

The vintage kitchen chair and the old child's rocker already had a few licks of white paint I'd given them recently, so I just added a few new layers of Limestone by Fusion Paints.

Fusion Paint doesn't require a top coat of wax or other finish since it has something built in to create a tougher finish than other chalk-type paints.

This rocker was Wild Bill's when he was a toddler. Yeah, it's that old! When his parents bought it for him it was red and it stayed red until I painted it. 

The little rocker traveled around the family as cousins were added, even going as far as Germany when an Army uncle and family were stationed there. 

You can see on the bottom of the runners that, along the way, it was painted different colors of red quite a few times. I left the bottoms the way they were to preserve a little of its history.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy painting. I love the back story on the little rocker. I need you to come visit me with your paint brush! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love the rocker and love that you have left the underneath unpainted so that it can tell its own story, such a beautiful piece.

    1. When Bill's mom gave me the rocker around 2003, it didn't have the cane seat. I am trying to decide to have it caned or just have Bill cut a wood seat I can pad.

  3. I'll have to try to find some Fusion Paint.
    All your white items came out looking great.

    1. Happyone: since you live in a remote area, if it's not available there you can make your own chalk paint with leftover paint by adding Plaster of Paris and water, unsanded grout, or several other things...even baking soda! Just google homemade chalk paint.

  4. Wow, you have been busy!

    I like the tip about the plastic bag and now that you have motivated me maybe I'll use your tip today.

  5. Well you're just a painting diva aren't you...I never thought to paint metal before? I also like your tip!

  6. Everything looks better with a little paint, doesn't it? The metal bin is great. Lucky girl, I would love to have a few of those around my house...and that rocker is just darling in white. I love that it's a sentimental treasure. That's the best part!

  7. You have been a very busy bee. Everything looks great and you did an outstanding job.


  8. Well, aren't you a painting dynamo? I have never heard of that kind of paint-but I like that you get the chalky look without all the waxing afterwards.

    Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  9. You gotta love that Limestone! And it looks great on all of your pieces. I do the plastic baggie thing too, works like a charm. Thanks for the shout out :-)