Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween Decor And Dollar Tree Tip

Halloween is closing in fast! The only Halloween decor I've managed to deck the house with are these crows up above the window trim.

Things are looking a little bare in here as I'm still (avoiding) working on this room.

Somewhere there's a box of Halloween decorations hiding in my garage or one of the closets. The box must be where the scarecrow is hiding as I haven't found him yet.

It doesn't seem like Halloween is near without the Scarecrow hanging out.

Here's some pictures of the scarecrow from Halloweens past.

I happened upon a new-to-me blog called "Saturdays Vintage Finds."

Besides lots of drool-worthy painted furniture, I found a post on these adorable "scary framed photos" and was surprised to find the photos were put together from things bought at Dollar Tree. 

Click on over to Saturdays Vintage Finds and check out how those adorable scary photos were put together. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hope you find him, be a shame if he missed Halloween.

  2. Do find your scare crow, it won't be Halloween without him.

  3. Hope you find your decorations. Love the crows setting on your window trim.

    The scare crow looks really good.

  4. Loved the crows standing on the window trim.

  5. I don't decorate for Halloween very much....the few things I have are out in the storage room and will probably stay there this year.