Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Mind Wanders: Hygge And Ads

Ads on blogs are a double-edged sword. I realize that, honest I do. 

But I'm still going to point out that you can go too far when you allow ads to overwhelm your blog's content. 

A big movement of calm and beauty seems to be taking over the decorating world. Hygge. You can read about it here on the FTD website

Here's hoping the Hygge Movement will infiltrate into the ad world and replace those extremely annoying pop-up ads with something that's not so in-your-face!

Meanwhile, I'm looking around the house and focusing on things that add to the calmness and warmth of the season coming up. 

My thanks to Katie over at Preppy Empty Nester for the link to FTD's Hygge Tips. Katie's blog ads are noticeable, but it's her content that always takes first place, not the ads. 

I think of Katie's blog as ads done right. Here's a link to her post that lead me to the FTD Tips... Preppy's Friday Files

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I agree, Sugar. Sadly, there are blogs that I have loved over the years that I no longer visit because of the plethora of pop-up ads that overrun the content of the blog itself. Plus, I don't like to have to click three or four times before I can even leave a comment.

    I agree, Katie does a great job and I love her blog...and she is humourous which is a big plus for me. xo Diana

  2. Oh my do I love that plaid throw and doggie pillow! Just where my head is at these days. I have to thank you for the wonderful comment you left for me. I feel so honored that you go back and read my old posts. Such a nice compliment that warms my heart! Since then I have also realized that I posted about that fall cottage issue when it first came out! Hahah! I really must love it! Stay cozy!

  3. I don't like the ads because our internet speed isn't that fast anyway and when a site has ads it just just means the page takes so much longer to load. I often just give up.

  4. Oh, I love your plaid throw - it certainly does create that hygge feeling! I love that whole concept and just read a great book on the subject. I think the Danes really have the key to a happy life. Oh, yes, those annoying pop-ups. My internet is so slow here in the boonies and they slow everything down almost to a stop, so I have to skip a lot of blogs that have them. Our world just seems to be one big ad these days.....sigh....Hope your day is full of hygge! x K