Friday, January 5, 2018

Finish It Up Friday

We managed to stay home all week with only one or two quick trips out. 

That really helped with "Low-Spend January" for us! Surprising how much money you don't spend when you don't go out, right?

The coffee table, my favorite victim, has been in the garage (in the repair pile) for over a year. 

I had a "fail" a while back when I tried to put a shelf on the bottom cross bars, and the weight of the shelf broke one of the bars off. 

Bar Front Bottom Broke So I Removed It...Well It Removed Itself

I plan to add the shelf back to the bottom, but this time I'll remake the shelf as a platform with wheels and then set the coffee table on it.

I got that idea from walking past this coffee table at Weir's Furniture a while back... 

I'm Going To Copy The Bottom Shelf

So for now, I repainted the coffee table with fusion paint, which is a mineral paint that is similar to chalk paint, but leaves a slight coat of protection on the furniture. 

I used the color Casement, which is a whiter white than the Limestone color that I've been using since seeing it used by Linda over at "Q is for Quandie". 

If you want to improve your DIY skills, Linda's blog is a great place to hangout and learn!

You don't have to wax or protect furniture painted with Fusion Paint, but I do plan to add a layer of a protective coating to the top once I'm completely finished with the re-do.

Here's some "action" shots! I painted a few other small pieces while I was painting the coffee table. I'll show you those another day.

Started Painting The Bottom First - Suggested By DIYers

I plan to use a product called Tough Coat on the top of the coffee table for a harder finish. 

Limestone On Left, Tough Coat, Casement On Right

For now I've got my coffee table back in the house, and one less project on the Fixing To Do list. Best of all, I didn't have to spend a penny on it since I already had the paint and Tough Coat sitting on my shelf.

If you want to see some great projects over at Q is for Quandie ... just click HERE. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Happy 2018 New Year. Love Fusion paint. I use Tough Coat for table tops as well.

  2. I have never seen Fusion paint. I am loving that table. I just spoke to my husband about doing something different to our table as I am tired of the looks of it.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Sugar!

  4. Wow, as soon as I landed on your page, and without knowing you'd redone the coffee table, I was already in love with it. Outstanding! And I've learned about a new paint to boot! Once this weather changes to Spring (pleaseeee)then I can start on some projects myself. In the meantime, I am only now getting back to blogging after years being gone. I've thrown in the towel on FB and don't miss it at all. Darn shame of it all is that I found most all my old blogging buddies are no longer posting. Here's hoping for a blogging resurrection!
    Will be back to see you again -- wonderful page :D

    1. Jenny, this paint has no smell and is very easy to use and doesn't drip. Can be cleaned up with water. I turned my dining room into a hobby room and paint on my table with a drop cloth on it. Too cold to paint outside, even here in NE Texas.

  5. I haven't come across fusion paint before. You have certainly done a great job.

  6. Beautiful. Happy New Year. Hugs.

  7. I have never tried this paint before but it sure looks nice on your coffee table.

  8. I love the table! I have not tried that paint before, but it sounds wonderful.

  9. Oh wow! That looks terrific. I haven't heard of mineral paint. I'm inspired. I have a couple things that I'd like to learn to paint. Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage