Friday, January 26, 2018

Painting The Kitchen Wall Section

Our kitchen cabinets have a distressed finish that was done by the builder 7 years ago. 

Paint Finish Appears More Yellow Over Time

I'm a big fan of the distressed look on furniture and cabinets, but over the years our cabinets have yellowed with some sections worst than others.

To take away the yellowish hue, I decided to start with a small section of wall below these glass cabinets. 

This wall section was originally painted with the same finish as the cabinets and is one of the yellowest parts of the kitchen. 

With the under-counter lights turned on, the wall finish looked really ugly yellow next to the brown granite countertop.

Several Shades of White For Comparison

I've planned for over a year to add some bead-board and corbels to the wall area like shown in this picture from a 2016 issue of Cottage magazine...

Plan: Add Wood Like This 2016 Issue Cottage Magazine

2016 Issue Is The Best Ever Of Cottage Magazine!

I chose the creamier white shade from my samples and painted two coats on the wall section. I used a bright-white bread box to show the creamier white on the wall compared to a really true white color.

Photo Filtered To Show How The Cabinets Would Look With Less Yellow

I put some white dish items and a black chalkboard next to the wall section to see how the cream color on the wall looked against black and white. 

I didn't really like the creamy white compared to the bright white and black. The creamy white just kind of faded away...

Looking at all the white dishes with the black chalkboard made me realize the gingery brown color of the cabinets looks better contrasted with bright white and black like the dish towel laying on the counter.

I actually bought this dish towel a few years ago to use as an inspiration piece for the kitchen.  

I guess I got lost in my disease called "Paint Decision Trauma" and forgot about my inspiration piece! 

I'm scratching the creamy-white paint color and sticking with the colors in the dish towel as I think this is a better option. Maybe.

Dish Towel Will Be My Inspiration Piece

I'll be painting more samples on the wall section...first some white paint, then some black paint...before adding bead-board.  

I want to know exactly what color I want to paint the bead-board before we put it up as I only want to paint the bead-board once!

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I sure hope I don't get any more paint color ideas over at these parties.

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  1. Decisions, decisions well done for doing all the test painting before putting the board up. Looking forward to seeing the end result. Love your inspiration piece.

  2. I think picking a color is one of the hardest choices I have to make when redoing something...and nothing ever looks the same on the wall as it does on the samples. lol I think beadboard will look great! xo Diana

  3. Painting once. Smart move. Falls into the measure twice, cut once mode! Picking color can be so hard -- but it will look terrific when you are done.

  4. Feeling the pain of indecisiveness! Looks like a solid plan to get it right! laura

  5. Gosh you'd hate our kitchen with it's white walls and white units, and not a bit of distressing in sight, well apart from me who's falling apart at the seams.

    1. No, I'd paint mine white if it weren't for my husband. I'd paint the walls white too.

    2. Oh well that's good, at least we agree on the white then. :D

  6. We've just picked out our kitchen cabinets for the new house. I chose white with some of the doors having glass.

  7. I think there are so many choices in paint color these days, (so many shades of white!) that it's so easy to "get lost" and forget the inspiration that got you started on change in the first place. I think you're on your way to something fabulous! And I'll look forward to seeing how it all comes together -- I know it'll be perfect!

  8. Choosing paint colors can drive a person crazy . . . the small color cards that you pick up in the stores, don't really give you any idea of how a large wall will look. I am wanting to paint my bottom cabinets green and I want that 1940 shade that you see in vintage dishes . . . wish me luck, LOL.
    You asked me about the Quilt As You Go method of quilting . . . I love it and I learned it from watching this You Tube video.
    Let me know what you think of it.