Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blue Skies, Texas Weather

We left our car at the dealership to get it serviced today, so I took Gampy to work. On my way into town this afternoon to pick him up, I had to get a shot of the pretty sky.

Long ago and far away in the Northwest, when Gampy and I started dating and we were talking about visiting his parents in Texas, I said "let's go before it gets hot." Even though it was only May, he said "Too late!"

I thought he was kidding back then, but having lived in Texas for over 5 years now, I can tell you there really are four seasons in Texas: Hot, Hot, getting a little cooler, and gonna get hot soon. I love Texas weather from mid-October to mid-May. The rest of the year I wish I had a cabin by a creek in the hills in some other state...probably Alaska.


  1. At one time many years ago, one of my sisters and her husband lived in Dallas. We visited in August and the heat and humidity was unbearable. We have had that kind of summer here in Illinois this year.

  2. Those clouds are picturesque. We are having a hot spell now, though not as bad as there, I'm sure. We went camping last weekend and it was in the mid-80s and too hot! Remember 4 years ago when you visited in mid-October and it snowed? Go figure with the weather around here.

  3. I missed this post! Awe geeze. I love the mild 4 seasons here. It's hotter in Aug an Sept but it's not that bad. The humidity is further south of us. I could not live with high humidity. Hope you are doing well my friend. Miss ya!