Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dog Ornaments

At an after-Christmas sale 3 years ago,
 I found 3 ornaments that look just like
a few of the dogs in our family.
These three dogs were pound puppies,
adopted when they were well over a
year or two old.
Dee's Ornament:

Dee is always up for a party if it
includes food. She was adopted about
7 years ago by middle daughter and
her husband, and Dee loves babies. 
Over the last 4 years, Dee steadfastly
guarded over two new babies until she
was sure no one was coming to take
them away.

Wrigley's Ornament:

Our youngest daughter adopted Wrigley
about 5 or 6 years ago. Wrigley was a   
malnourished and terrified young dog.

It took years of love before he relaxed,
but he's always been the sweetest dog.

When he knows you, he loves you.

He also loves babies and even knew
his mother was pregnant before she did.

Now Wrigley won't let his pregnant
mama out of his sight -- which she and her
husband find adorable and a little irritating.

Wrigley's new baby is due in May.

Ginger's Ornament:

Ginger has been gone for over
22 years, but I still tear up when
 I think of her or see her picture.

She understood a conversation
- like "go get the kids up" -
and could answer too, by doing things
like shaking her head down for yes, 
and kind of a clearing-the-throat
coughing when she wanted to laugh.

I'm hoping to find two more ornaments
for Einstein and Bailey, the other two
family dogs.

If anyone out there knows who makes
these ornaments, please let me know.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Very sweet ornaments and touching tales to match. Our dogs fill a very special place in our hearts and love us like no other, except God. I think that's why He gave us man's best friend to remind us how He loves us. I know all my pets pull at my heart strings, even my dear chickens. You have found a very nice way to honor each of them at Christmas.

  2. MY dogs have ornaments too. It is sad /happy to pull out the ornaments for our past pets each year. I don't know who makes these ornaments, but Hobby Lobby always has lots like these.

  3. they are so cute. You scored for sure.

  4. Love the ornaments. I always tear up when I think of my special pets. What a pretty dog! Merry Christmas!

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    How remarkable to find doggie ornaments that resemble your "fur babies"!!!!
    I, totally, understand the tearing up...still miss our beloved Maurice and granddog, Roscoe!!!
    Merry Christmas, dear friend!!!

  6. I knew I liked have a dachsund! And you are as crazy for your dogs as I am. They each have their own special things they do. Some do more special things than others and those dogs are really the ones that break our hearts when gone. I used to have a little dachshund that could play cards. This was before Youtube or I'd be rich and famous now.

  7. Aren't they just gorgeous ???
    And I just adore Wrigley's crown !